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You shiver for a moment and then his tongue follows the trail of water back up. His mouth caressing your skin as his tongue glides over your thigh, then your pussy, across your stomach, around your nipples and to your neck. Once that is done, he kisses you passionately and scraps his teeth across your bottom lip. You respond trying to make the kiss last longer but he pulls away. Your blindfold is removed for a moment as he shows you what he will use on you next. It's his police baton. Black and wooden, an old school night stick; he holds it so you can see and then runs it along your chest. The wood is cool and slick as it slides over your skin and he brings it to rest against your throat. He pins your neck in the crook of it and undoes one of your bindings at a time. The baton never gives you an inch to escape. Once he is done untying you, he looks down at you.

"Roll over, slut and get on all fours," He commands, as he removes the stick from your neck.

You look up at him and, slowly and mockingly, get onto all fours. His had comes down with a sharp smack on your ass. You yelp and look back at him. He glares at you and ties down your ankles. Loosing the straps, just enough to reach your wrists, he finishes restraining you. Glancing at him with downcast eyes, you see him climbing onto the bed behind you. His baton slides along your spine as he brings it over your ass and slides it between your legs. He runs the length of it across your pussy, making you shiver with a touch of fear mixed with anticipation. The rather large end of it presses against your entrance, both your pussy and it covered with your juices. You not sure that will fit but you want it to as he pushes against you. Slowly, it slides in filling you up and making you cum a little as it does.

"mmmmmm...ooooooo...mmmmmm push that please hard," You moan and gasp out.

"Oh really? Someone is a naughty little slut tonight," He says, chuckling.

"MMMMhhhmmmm Uhuhhhuhhhh," You say, pushing against the baton.

He fucks you hard and fast with it, once you are accustomed to it but it stretches your pussy almost too painfully but it feels really good in a way that you can't begin to describe. The baton pistons in and out of your pussy, you can barely think as he continues to drive it in and out of you. You feel the smooth wood as it pounds your pussy. He is relentless with it and you feel yourself building to a climax.

"Mmmmmmm ugggggg uuhhhhhmmmm," You moan out as he fucks you with it.

"Does my little slut want to cum?" He asks.

" Yeess... Please...," You manage to get out.

He, abruptly, pulls the baton out.

"You get to cum when I say you can, slut," He tells you.

A shudder ripples its way through you as he pulls it out and you almost cum right then but manage to hold it in, but only because you are afraid of cumming without his permission. You feel his fingers slowing stroking your pussy and then they are gone. A sucking sound comes from behind you as he stands up and leaves the room for a moment. Twisting in your restraints and trying to see what he is getting for you; managing to turn around you see him walk in with a empty bottle. He sees you looking and grins at you.

"Um, I know I talked about that once but ...," You stutter out.

He sets it down next to the bed and smiles at you.

"Well, then I will untie you and strap you back down on your back," He says to you and sets his words to action.

You don't fight or struggle at all as you lay back down on the bed.