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Monica and Jennifer travel with Bill to the Bar D Ranch.

We've been married for so long, you know there's something interesting there. I don't tease like this unless I have the goods. I try to laugh it off. I try to lie. Then I try to just say nothing and that works. We laugh, we eat, and we talk. You sit there, waiting for what is to come.

When I excuse myself, you think I'm about to spring it, the big surprise. I come back with a briefcase and hand it to you.

"Take this to the powder room and put on what's inside," I say.

"Is this it?"

"Compared to what 'it' is, this is nothing. But this is the start of a lot of fun," I say, and in my smile you can see I love you like no one ever will.

In the bathroom, you open the case and smile wide. You recognize what I've packed, and can see we're going to have a very wicked night.

As we walk out of the restaurant, every eye in the place is on you. And every ear too.

Something is different in you. Something enhanced, powerful, wound up like a feline about to stretch. Just a few hints for close watchers to see.

What they see is a beautiful, curvy woman in a long black coat, buttoned to the top. What they hear is the sharp click-clack of your glossy black thigh high boots moving across the wood floor. These are boots made for one thing, and you love the energy it gets from the men and women watching. Some see the wet-look sheen of your black gloves. What no one sees is the tight, black, vinyl corset binding you under your coat, or your sweet pussy, naked above the hem of your boots except for the coat.

A quick walk down the street, you recognize our destination only after I pull you in by our interlaced fingers: The Diamond Hotel. I blow past the check-in counter and fish a room keycard out of my coat. In the elevator,I lean in, brush your face with the tips of my fingers, smile, and kiss you. The kiss you hard, deep. In that kiss you feel my love for you, the satisfaction of all our years together, like the stone under the home we've made. It makes you feel safe. And when you feel safe, you're at your most adventurous You feel my excitement as we break off.

"Who's the best husband in the world?"


"Who's the luckiest bi girl in the world?" And there's your hint.

"Me," you say, and smile.

I kiss your neck as the elevator doors open. We walk across the foyer to our suite and I open the door. As it swings open I turn to eye you with my wickedest grin. You step through into the room.

Standing in the center of the room, with the night line of the city backlighting her from panoramic windows, is Cindy.

She is dressed just like you, curvy, shining, smelling of latex and perfume, but in ice white. A lustful sex goddess to mirror your oil-black sheen.

Cindy smiles, with shyness. Even through the shyness, she hand hide her lust. As you stare, hungry, realizing the lust swirling in the room, the final climax the evening is becoming, you see her growing confidence. She can see the smile and desire in your eyes. All the worries of being pretty enough, sexy enough, of you wanting her or wanting this scenario... You watch them drift away from her striking, beautiful face. Cindy's lips curl from relief to wicked anticipation.

She's about to speak, but can't quite bring herself. I raise a finger, some silent command, and she bends her head down a bit, and see a licking hintyou see a submissive side she's hidden until now.

We step closer, ready to share her, and she runs her gloved hands down the curve of her side. Her hands come to rest on her naked hips, and you see she is as hairless as you are.

I stand behind Cindy, my smile inching out from behind her auburn hair.

"How do you like your real surprise?" I ask, and drift my lips down the back of her neck. Cindy shudders at the touch, inhales. Her breasts rise before you.

You smile at her, unveiled and excited for you, and bring your gloved hand to cup her face.