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Joining the pack.

"Oh, by the light, Jess. If I had known you were this good...." he didn't finish, moaning again.

"Gffhmmmslrrp!" She managed between tightly sealed lips, suckling on his cock firmly.

Farm girls were the absolute best. When he had suggested sex -- not oral, sex only, mind! - to Vivianne, she had sniffed ostentatiously and told him that he could wait with 'coupling' until they were properly wed under the light. Some servants were equally prim, but this was what he preferred.

He felt that he wouldn't last long in her mouth. She was incredibly slick, practised and took him without trouble all the way. Not only that, she seemed to be liking what she was doing too, her irises sparkling with delight and amusement as she looked up at him with tears of the effort trickling at the corners of her eyes. There was a rhythmic 'slrrrp-slrrrp'' coming from her mouth and throat as she no doubt did her best to please as he had ordered her to do.

"Ngggh..Jess, you're good." He complimented her in tones he wish were less breathy and more collected. "Fuck" He whispered, thrusting her head closer and feeling his balls boil in anticipation of the impending orgasm.

She gurgled in response.

"Fuuuuuuckkkk! Light!" It hit him hard. He grabbed her by the hair and ears, holding her forcibly close with his cock lodged in her soft, slick mouth as he came hard, spurting stream after stream of cum down her suddenly swallowing mouth. He moaned loudly, suddenly glad that no one of his family was still at home.

She pulled back when it was clear he was done and -- untroubled -- cleaned her lips with her tongue before looking up at him.

"Did I please M'lord?" She asked with a smile, clearly happy with what she had accomplished.

Herland nodded. "Oh yes. You did. Where did you learn that?" He asked with genuine curiosity, still stroking her hair.

She shrugged as though it was of no consequence. "Neighbour men and me use' to work togetha' you see. Men work bad when all...randy." A mischievous smile played on her lips. "They like what I do a lot, they do. They did"

He could imagine that indeed. "Well, from now on you'll only do that to me. Who knows, I may take you with me when I get married. We'll need maids." And if Vivianne is as frigid as she seems, he added silently, he would need distractions.

Her smile was uncertain -- perhaps battling the concept of marriage with what he obviously intended to do to her since he liked what she had done so much -- but the side of her that wanted a secure job with decent pay and related certainties won out. She bowed her head.

"Aye, Milord. As ye wish. I'll do what ye want, I will." A sudden spark of defiance, perhaps a hint of avarice entered her eyes. "As long as ye pay me good coin, I will. If no, maybe I go to yer future wife..." She grinned.

He laughed out loud in spite of himself. Despite her obvious simplicity, he suddenly found himself having a certain degree of liking for her. Well, as long as she didn't actually go through with it. He eyed her from head to toe, feeling a refreshing wave of desire stir his body.

"Stand up, Jess. Take off your clothes." he was pleased to hear his voice being commanding again.

"Milord?" She asked, standing up.

"You think using your mouth would be the extent of your duties?" He asked, amused. "You can't expect a lot of coin for that, can you?"

The serving girl looked at him for a moment, then a smile spread on her lips and she shrugged. "No, M'lord. Yes, M'lord. Immediately, M'lord." She took her dress wrapped around her stomach and pulled it down the rest of the way.

She wore not a stitch beside the shift and her dress.

Spreading her legs to him, she smiled, a downy brown bush covering her sex. Her skin otherwise was fairly pale -- like most of the men and women from their nation.

"Does it please M'lord?" She whispered, cupping one breast as though for his inspection.

He beckoned her and kissed her deeply once she reached in front of him.