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Maybe you do need a faster, more powerful computer. Email, documents, 4 spreadsheet windows, a database, a browser, and a telnet window, hmmm, that's odd, looks like some kind of text based adult chat site?"

"That popped up on its own," Gina exclaimed nervously, "when I was doing research on the Internet earlier. I hate that, can't you set my computer so it will not allow those popup windows?"

"Ahh, the pop up window claims another victim?" Eric asked sarcastically. He had never liked Gina, or more accurately, he had never liked her attitude. Ever since she was rapidly promoted within the marketing company, even while she was still in school, she had exuded confidence and superiority. She seemed nice enough to her peers and superiors, and most of her subordinates, but she had always given Eric the cold shoulder. Eric thought back a few years to the time she had laughed at him for asking her out, before he knew she was engaged to be married.

"Looks that way," Gina quipped into the phone, "can you just fix it please?"

"Sure thing Mrs. McLaughlin, you should be good to go now." Eric hung up the phone and smiled as he initiated a private password protected log to track every one of Gina's activities while logged on to her computer. The logs had been entertaining and enlightening to say the least. He couldn't believe that such a proper, professional woman would have such twisted and dark BDSM fantasies. As she played out her online fantasies, Eric realized he had stumbled onto something that could make him a fortune. What had began as a simple blackmail opportunity had become much more for Eric. As the week unfolded, he had been in touch with people who would pay him handsomely for information about a woman like Gina, while ensuring his ultimate revenge on the woman who laughed at his simple request for a date.

Now it was Friday afternoon, 4:00pm. Eric clocked out at the time clock and casually picked up one of the spare cell phones in a bin by the door before stepping outside. Eric opened the cell phone and lit a cigarette, walking away from the building to the far end of the parking lot, far from the ears of his curious coworkers. He dialed a number he had been given by a friend of a friend years ago for exactly this kind of situation. His fingers trembled as he pressed 'send' to complete the call.

"Hello, I was told to call you if I ever had an opportunity that suited your particular needs, I called earlier today and was given code #23GR65T4... yes, I understand, I can assure you, this is fool proof. I understand I am betting my life on it!" As Eric's voice wavered slightly, he was put on hold and transferred to the "boss." The man introduced himself as Ricardo and thanked Eric for his information, they talked about details and times and Eric nodded slowly, "Yes, I understand, I will send the email now. I can assure you Janine will think the email is from her friend Gina. I will look forward to meeting you one day. I will pick up the $500k tonight at a place you direct me to go once the package is secure, and I will collect the remainder of my million dollars in a few months, when her training is complete. And Ricardo, may I have a night with her at that time?" Eric nodded and smiled, a bulge stirring in his pants as he said "Thank You Ricardo" and hung up the phone.

Eric threw the cigarette butt on the ground and went back inside, slipping the cell phone back into the bin of spare phones and removing a different phone to use later. He sat down at his terminal and accessed Gina's computer using a "Guest Admin" logon, knowing the police would likely be searching for clues to her disappearance in the coming days. He knew she had a short 15 minute meeting at 4:15pm on Fridays to wrap up the weeks activities, and as expected he saw no activity on her computer starting at 4:14pm. Eric accessed Gina's email remotely and wrote an email to Janine from her account:

"Janine, I am so sorry! Mark's Uncle is in the hospital, he had a major heart attack last night.