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her fantasy unfolds as time goes by.

I can feel your bulging penis on the inner part of my thigh, I kiss your chin, your neck, my hands move away from your neck and touch your arms. I wrap my legs around you and pull you closer. You start to kiss below my ear and it makes me squirm. I see you smile, I can also feel your dick getting bigger. I move my hands from your arms towards the center of your chest and start to move them down. You stop kissing me, get up to a sitting position between my legs, you tie up your hair.

I sit up and kiss your cheek, you slide your hand down my body to the edge of my shirt, you grab the shirt and start to pull it up. I help you take off the shirt I am wearing, I move closer to you. I look down to see your bulge, pressing against your boxers, I desperately want to touch you. However, instead of reaching down, I lock my arms around you, push my body towards you and kiss you. Your hands move all over my body. You know I am craving your touch, your hands are teasing me, the go all the way down and stop right at the edge of my panties.

I slide my hands down and wrap my fingers around your dick you lie down next to me and use your hand to tilt my body towards you, your hand touches my back and slides all the way down to my butt, you pull me closer to you. During this time, I continue to lovingly play with your penis from on top of your boxers. I love the way it feels and I want to feel it on my body; my lips, cheeks and inner thighs. I tug at your boxers to take them off but I struggle.

You roll on top of me and kiss my neck, and my breasts, you slide down and kiss my tummy, your hand pushes my legs apart and you start to rub your fingers on top of the panties. You can tell I am wet. You help me take your boxers off.

I ask you to come closer, I tell you I want to suck your penis, I tell you I want to feel your dick in my mouth. You climb on top of me. Your legs on either side of my body. Your dick just inches away from my face. I lift my head to kiss you. You thrust yourself forward, rubbing your dick on my lips. My hand moves down to hold your balls. I softly play with them while you tease me by rubbing your dick on my lips and not letting me wrap my lips around it. You push yourself closer, let my mouth take in your dick. I start to use my tongue and hands eager to pleasure you. You get off my body towards a side. I tilt towards you ,and continue to suck, kiss and play with your hard dick. You ask me to come closer to you, you take your hand and caress my cheek, I kiss your hand, you move it all the way down and use it to open my legs. I stop using my tongue on your dick and help you peel my panties off. You slide your fingers right down the center, and start to play, you can see I am really wet. I move my head closer to you and kiss the underside of your dick, I kiss your balls, softly sucking at them the way I know you like, while I use my hand to play with your penis in that semi circular motion that you enjoy. You push one finger into me, and use your other hand to grab my hair. You pull my head up, kiss my chin, kiss my cheek and let go off my hair. You push a second finger in as well. I quicken the pace with which I am pleasuring your dick.

By this point, I am really eager for you to be inside me, I keep telling you to fuck me, you are watching me squirm, my body is twisting and turning to your every touch.

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