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Mrs Johnson takes her reward for winning the bet.

She believed I was going to divorce her as soon as it was confirmed that my bimbo girlfriend was pregnant. My girlfriend Sam. How about that? And where did she get that idea? Why, from our friend, the lawyer! He told her that I had contacted him to ask about divorce and what it might cost me. He said I wanted to leave her with nothing! Hah! Now we know why she was fucking him. Simple, sweet, but fucking wrong!"

I had to stop for a minute as the tears welled up and then began to drop down my cheek and off my chin. I laid my head down on the bar and just cried. It was still too raw, the pain and the loss. Sam, bless his heart, didn't say anything while I lost my dignity in front of him. He just took the half empty Bud and replaced it with another. I heard someone come up to the bar and heard Sam tell them to "fuck off!" but I couldn't look up. I finally got some control and straightened back up.

"Sorry about that Sam. Please, excuse my display." I took the offered paper towel and wiped my face, trying for some self pride. It was hard, so damned hard to say it out loud. But, it was true.

"No need to apologize Jimbo. Guys lose it in here all the time. At least, you got a damn good reason. Shit, I'd cry too if I lost someone like her. So, go on. You were telling me why she was screwing shithead."

"Yeah, sorry. Well, anyway, the thought of me divorcing her was too much. She was afraid of losing all she had: the money, the cars, the clothes, you name it. She loved all that crap, apparently more than she loved me. Oh, I think I always suspected that, but now it was official. When I began to tap her conversations, I overheard one that she had with an accountant friend of hers. She told Roxy to make sure she could identify all my accounts, place all the money, be sure when I divorced her that she knew where all the bodies were buried. Roxy heard her and she certainly took it to heart.

"Now back to Roy at the bank. He was the lawyer that told her about my intention to divorce her. He had been waiting once he set the hook in her mouth. After talking to her accountant friend, she went back to the bank and Roy. He was waiting for her and when he told her that he handled all my accounts, he put it into her head that he was the one she needed to be with. She began to work on him, to seduce him. That was what she was trying to do and of course, she didn't know that he was just letting her think it was working, just using her. Of course, he reluctantly agreed with the promise of sex. That's when she cut me off in the bedroom and began to become more friendly. Up till then, she was just trying to ignore me, to make the divorce harder for me. That's what she thought. She began to meet him after work for coffee, then for a drink or two, finally she began to intimate that she was willing to meet him for more. It took her almost two months, all the time he was playing hard to get, but she finally got him to invite her to his apartment and they did it.

"I worked this out after I began to tape them. She was trying to convince him that she was attracted to him and that they could run away together if he could get a lot of my money. She worked on him, especially right after sex. He quickly agreed and set up the bogus account. She had him hooked. And he hooked her. What a couple of dummies."

"So, she didn't even like the sex with him? It was just to get him to do what she wanted? And all the time he was just screwing with her. She fucked him for the money. Shit, Jimbo! That makes her a very high priced whore in my book. Beautiful, but still a whore."

"You got it Sam. A beautiful high priced whore who wanted to take more than money from me. She took my heart and tore it to shreds and I don't know why. Even if she believed I was going to divorce her, I would have given her more than enough to make her life pleasant. More than enough. God, how could she even think of me that way?"

Sam patted me on the shoulder, told me it was getting close to closing and that I should have a cup of coffee before I left