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My first exciting experience meeting someone online.

I tried to be as friendly as possible and reminded her about our session the next day. She said she was looking forward to it. I decided to test my limits.

"If you want me to get really thorough with your exam tomorrow, make sure you dress lightly. It's easier for me if I can see as much of your muscles as possible." This was within earshot of the receptionist so her reaction was subdued, but she subconsciously blushed, which I took as a good sign. Again the day and night passed with my mind racing about how it would feel to slide into her naked pussy and hear her scream my name while she rode my cock, wherever we might be. At that point it was going to be hard for me not to just try to touch her right away. The following morning I showed up early at the clinic, unlocked and turned the lights on, getting everything ready as if a client was showing up normally. I heard the door open and shut and the deadbolt lock engage.


"Just a second. I'm going to get changed and I'll be right down." I wondered what she would be changing into this time, hoping for her to just walk down the stairs naked and forgo all of the formality.

"Great. I have everything ready down here."

After a couple of minutes she came down the stairs slowly and was wearing even less than the week previous, if that was possible. Her feet were bare, she had on a tight orange fitted top that exposed just the bottom of her stomach and tight black shorts that outlined her ass even better than the pants had the week previous. Her blonde hair was back in a ponytail, completing the look that was obviously put together just to drive me absolutely insane. The problem was, yet again, that I could not simply grab her and tear her clothes off; she would have to make the first move.

"Um..." I stammered. "I guess we should start with the table again?" I motioned towards it. "No." She said. "I really feel like sweating today. Why don't we get to the workout." Normally to me this would have meant forgetting about everything and just dropping to the floor, but she hopped up onto the treadmill and turned it on. I clicked into normal assessment mode and turned up the speed and incline, having her walk up a hill in order to get her warm. Plus, every time she took a long step her ass cheeks flexed in those tight shorts. I figured she knew how much I wanted her and had worn a tight shirt and shorts of my own with no underwear. My cock was already semi hard and was making a nice long pole in my shorts while I stepped behind her, watching every step and bounce as she strode along on the belt. After a few minutes she broke into a jog and I had the pleasure of watching her bounce even more, adding her tight arms and shoulders to the motion. This woman had an incredible body and I couldn't wait to take advantage of it.

The treadmill stopped and I handed her a towel to wipe off the small amount of sweat that had started to collect on her lower back and forehead.

"I noticed that your shoulder looked a little tight." This was my pretence to check her out and just finish with the teasing she was trying to do. She grimaced.

"Yeah, it has been feeling funny for a couple of days.