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THEbecoming : 2.

This time he was sure he had seen a woman moving down the hall her skirts billowing around her. As quickly as before she was gone even as he stared at her. As she disappeared into thin air he could see that one of the doors was slightly ajar.

"Hello? Is there anybody here?" he called out. His voice seemed to echo down the hallway. He waited a moment but there was no answer.

He made his way cautiously down the hallway, following the delicious scent as he moved towards the door. He breathed deep and felt his arousal surge higher as he drew closer. He took the doorknob in his hand and pulled the door open and looked inside.

"Hello Kris, I have been waiting for you." Standing in the center of the room was a woman. Possibly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was dressed in a style more than a century old, her skirts billowing out from her slim waist, her breasts contained tightly within the bodice of the dress. Her long hair framed the delicate features of her face but her storm gray eyes drew him to her. So taken was he by her beauty that it took a moment to realize that she had called him by name.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Even as his spoke his heart quickened as if he did know her.

"Yes, you do even if you don't remember. It has been so very long. I'm Ingrid." She curtsied to him and beckoned him to come closer. He moved to her eagerly, filled with the over whelming desire to hold her in his arms. She raised her hand to him and stopped him an arm length away. He gazed into her stormy eyes, lust for her filling him, his cock throbbing, barely contained in his pants. He could see that lust returned in her own eyes and in her smile. She took a step further from him and slowly began to undress. He tried to move towards her, to touch her, to undress her himself but he could not move. Quickly her dress fell to the floor and she was clad only in her corset and underskirts.

He found he could move now. He stepped to her and swept her into his arms his lips pressing hard to hers, one hand pulling her hair, pulling her head back and raising her lips up to him and he made her lips his. Kissing her deep holding her tight against him with his other arm, his tongue slid into her mouth and entwined with hers. He could feel her hands exploring his body, her hips thrusting herself against his straining erection.

His lips still pressed against hers, his hands came between them unlacing her corset, fumbling in his haste. At last it was undone and her naked breasts were rubbing against him. Her own fingers were moving, unbuttoning his shirt, sliding it off and letting it fall to the floor even as her hands moved to his pants. Her fingers found the zipper and soon his pants were on the floor and he was naked before her. As her hands began to stroke his hard cock he realized that the smell of lilacs was strong in the room, but the other scent was stronger and growing more so because it was hers. She kneeled before him and took his hard cock between her breasts. Her hard nipples brushing against his thighs as she stroked his cock with her breasts.

The feeling of the soft skin of her breasts was exquisite around his cock and he began thrusting his hips against her, driving his cock up and down between her breasts. She pushed them together between her hands making a tight channel for his cock to move in. At that top of each stroke her tongue flicked out to taste his cock. The sensations and his own desires were too intense and before he realized it was happening his body tensed and his orgasm ripped through his body shooting his cum over her face and on to her breasts. He watched as her tongue flicked out licking the remains of his cum from her lips and his cock. Her intoxicating scent continued to fill his head and his cock did not go limp after his release, it remained hard and demanding urging him to fill her.

Ingrid stood, slowly removing her corset and skirts till she was naked before him.