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She rocked her hips against my face and muttered something in a language that I didn't recognize as I pleasured her. I decided to reciprocate what she'd done to me, and put one finger into her vagina, liberally coating it with her juice, and then inserted it into her anus. She cried out and vigorously humped my mouth as she came. As she moved off the chair, I heard a loud sigh and looked over at the next chair where Mom was watching us with half-closed eyes as she gingerly fingered herself to another climax. We got dressed and I reached for the towel to wipe the cunt secretions off my face, but the beautician whipped it away with a sly grin. Mom volunteered that I would pay for the treatment, and although it was more than I was expecting, I considered it well worth the expense. As I paid the slim, cute receptionist, she paused, sniffed, and then looked at me with a sly grin of her own. Apparently, I wasn't the only man who'd been in for the very special treatment.


I was hoping for more fun with my mom, or possibly going to visit the beautician, or her receptionist, or both for some non-business "treatments", but when I tried to bring the subject up with my mother she said, firmly, "We're not going to talk about that," in that tone of voice that implied "And I mean it." She also kept me busy around the house with chores that, she made clear, weren't part of settling the bet. At night, though, I had fun playing with my smooth crotch, and sounds from Mom's bedroom indicated that she was doing the same. Still, I was getting horny enough that I was considering rushing through my morning chores, heading to the beauticians', and letting the devil take the hindmost, when Mom announced that we were going on a trip.

"Where to?", I asked.

"You'll see. I've packed already." She went out to the car, and I followed. I saw two backpacks in the back of the car. We drove for about half the day, finally arriving at a patch of woods that wasn't anywhere near the places that I'd camped with the Boy Scouts. Mom parked the car off the road and gave me the heavier pack, putting her own on, and set off along an unmarked trail. It was a fairly rugged trail, but we arrived at the clearing soon enough. I realized that, unless someone knew exactly where the trail began, no one was very likely to ever find this place. Still, I felt quite apprehensive as Mom started to take her clothes off.

Even with the good look that I had gotten of her cunt, I didn't really know what my mother looked like naked. She pulled down her shorts and panties and stepped out of them, still wearing her hiking shoes and socks. She pulled her T-shirt over her head, then reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. She tossed the bra onto the pile of other clothes, then stood there with her hands on her hips and looked at me. I really liked her figure. Her upper torso with its large breasts curved gracefully into a relatively narrow waist, but not too narrow, her navel a shallow ellipse, and then swept out again into nice, broad hips, the gentle curve of her lower belly blending into her pubis, the dark furrow of her cunt disappearing between her legs.

She raised her eyebrows. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

I blushed and started undressing myself, also keeping my shoes and socks on.

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