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"There will be if I wait another 10 minutes" I laughed.

"Well, why don't you save yourself 10 minutes and join us, we are going out for dinner, then probably on to a bar - it's a bit of a work night out"

At first I said no, that I wouldn't feel comfortable joining them - while he ordered the drinks he told me they were out because he had just been promoted - it was a celebration and he'd be disappointed if I didn't join them. He put his hand on my shoulder as he spoke to me, his thumb rubbed gently against my neck.

"Come on, why don't you come and enjoy yourself, your husband obviously isn't joining you" he said, nodding at my wedding ring. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him"

I could feel myself blushing and my nipples tightening. He was looking at me very intensely and I was feeling almost weak - I could barely breathe.

"Ok, but I need to change first" I said.

"Well don't change too much, I like your skirt and stockings" he smiled.

"You naughty boy, you been looking up my skirt?" I challenged.

"Yep, was difficult not to, given your legs were wide open"

By this time my pussy was twitching again, I knew I was soaking up.

"Ok, I'll be about 10 minutes, I don't think you will be disappointed"

"Good, by the way I'm Mike"

"Oh, I'm Lynn, I'll be back in a few minutes"

I raced to my room - I wanted to wear my sheer blouse, but there were another couple of girls in the group and I didn't want to alienate them as soon as I arrived. I chose a sleeveless halter-top. It's not as obvious as my blouse, but it makes my tits look huge, especially if I take off my jacket. I slipped off my soaking panties and found a tiny white transparent thong.

I phoned home just to say I was going out for dinner and then made my way down to the bar. Mike had already pulled up an extra seat and there was a glass of wine poured and waiting for me. After introductions, the chat quickly moved on - to me - my favourite subject. Where was I from, who did I work for, was I alone, how long was I staying for. They were a really bright crowd and conversation and wine flowed. They had already booked a table at a restaurant just round the corner - and by the time we arrived there I was feeling tipsy and horny. Mike made sure we were sitting together, closely together. There was now an extra body at the table and we had to bunch up.

I could feel the heat from Mike's leg against my thigh. We joked about how cosy it was. Starters came quickly and we didn't waste any time hoovering them up. As we waited on mains, I could feel Mike shaking his leg against mine. I put my hand on his thigh to stop him

"You're making me nervous" I laughed, "stop shaking"

He put his hand on my thigh, further up than was entirely decent, and said very quietly "You know you make me nervous - and very, very horny. He squeezed my thigh and then moved his hand back on to the table. That was enough to set me off again and I hoped it wouldn't be long till he touched me again.

He didn't, for a very long time, I was becoming more desperate - I was pushing my thigh against him. I wanted more contact. He seemed oblivious, chatting to all his colleagues, ordering the celebratory champagne, joking with the waiters and waitresses.

I went to the loo in a bit of a huff - I wanted more attention from him.