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Events of the long night.


I knew.

"Why don't you and Debra come to dinner this evening?"

I felt that familiar tingle in my loins at what might be.

Hanging up, I called Nathan. I asked him to come to dinner. He agreed readily, likely thinking it would be just us. I didn't tell him what I had planned. Naughty of me, wasn't it?

Then I called Jon, told him to come to dinner, and bring Carlita. I heard his voice almost choke, he started to refuse, but I insisted. Hell, I ordered him to.

Jon finally managed, "I will try."

"Don't try, Jon. Do it!" and I hung up.

I was humming to myself all day, busy preparing the food and drinks. I got some nice floral arrangements for the table, set out candles. I called the hotel, had them send over some provisions, I wanted it nice.

I knew that Tom had an idea, likely his wife Debra too. Nathan. Poor Nathan, no clue. Jon would be nervous, I knew. This was going to be fun.

I dressed in a soft pink blouse, and simple slacks. The blouse is one of those I love that is a bit translucent, offering hints but that is all.

Jon arrived first, Carlita in tow. She was having some trouble meeting my eyes, I just smiled and served some drinks and snacks, making easy talk about the Casino and day to day conversation. I looked her over, a simple pullover dress, pretty. Yes, Carlita is very pretty, just an inch or so shorter than me. Her bust is heavy, waist snug, hips flair out in the shape that suggests ease in childbirth.

She relaxed after she realized I wasn't going to go into a tirade. I had just mentioned to her about what a fine lover Jon was, watching her turn pink at that when the doorbell rang.

I hugged Nathan, this huge African man still amazes me when I see him. Easily 290 pounds, way over six feet tall, the top of my head is below his chin. Hugging him is a struggle, my arms don't reach all the way around his chest.

Jon didn't seem surprised, I think he had already noted the table, set for six. It was just minutes before Tom and Debra arrived.

I did the same with Tom and gave him a huge hug, smiled at Debra as we did introductions all around. She was pretty, too. Barely 5' tall, just a trace on the heavy side. Housewife look, just what I had expected. What I didn't expect was the deep southern accent the instant she opened her mouth.

"Tennessee?" I asked, regognizing the sound.

Debra smiled, "Yes, Memphis." We laughed, her eyes were surrounded by wrinkles, I realized she smiled a lot.

Everyone was hesitant at first, unsure. I served more drinks, snacks, then suggested we adjorn to the table.

There were lots of comments about the setting, I knew it was nice. I served the meal, Lobsters first. The small little tails I got from the Hotel, steamed and drawn, delicious.

I had small salads set out, a simple vegetable soup broth. The recipe was one Ted had taught me years before. Delicate in flavorings, it takes several hours to make. I had been at it all day.

I brought out the prime rib, perfect, sliced and ready to go. I was watching in delight as everyone was savoring all the flavors, conversation flowing back and forth.

Finally we retired to the living room, I had soft music filling the room.

I looked at Jon, he was looking at me, obviously curious as to what I was up to. Glancing over at Nathan, I realized he had exactly the same expression on his face. Tom was grinning, he had an idea, Carlita looked nervous, and Debra looked curious. They were all quiet.

I decided it was time.

"Jon tells me it excites him to think of me with another man."

Jon blushed. I smiled at him.

"Tom tells me that Debra is curious about what a very large man would feel like."

Tom grinned at me, Debra turned bright pink, glancing sideways at Nathan, who did that black man blush again. That always tickled me, his face just seemed to get darker, the expression priceless.

"Now I know about Tom, Jon, Nathan, and Debra." I turned to Carlita who was now looking right at me with interest.

"What do you like?"

She took a long time answering me.

"I like Jon." she said simply.

"Me, too."

"I don

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