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The National MILF Show continues.

I felt her hands on my ass, and my cock pressed up against her tummy, pointing up at her chin. Our saliva ran down our faces and our jaws worked overtime. Finally, she pulled back.

"Wow," said Britney, watching from a seat on the double bed. "I think he has mastered Lesson Number One!" We all laughed.

I looked down at my cock. It was again sticking out like a diving board. "There's that obstacle again," said Whitney. "I think we'd better drain it again, or it will interfere with Lesson Number Two. Your turn, Sis!"

Britney pushed me back onto the bed, my cock again pointing toward the ceiling. "He might as well get a new experience out of this," she mused. "Okay, youngster, this will be your first combination handjob/blowjob." She wrapped her soft, dainty, dark blue nailed fingers around the shaft of my straining cock. She sucked the head of my cock into her beautiful, full lipped mouth. She began jacking my shaft with her hands, swirling her luscious lips around my cock head, and probing her talented tongue into my pee slit. It wasn't long before I was shooting another load of semen into her throat. It wasn't quite as big of a load as the first one, but it was still massive. Britney caught it all in her mouth, and swallowed all but the last few gulps. Those she saved to share.

Britney stood up. "Here's your share, Sis," she said. Whitney came over, and they again embraced, and snowballed the slimy wad of cum back and forth between their sexy mouths. Some of it dripped down to their boobs, which was not a problem. They took turns lapping up the wayward strands of cum off of each other's boobs with their clever pink tongues. Eventually it was all swallowed down. I felt like I was having sex and watching a porno movie all at the same time!

Whitney declared the next lesson. "Have you ever fondled a woman's breasts, Grasshopper?" she asked. I shook my head. "Well, it's high time you learn," she said, and beckoned Britney over to her. "First, let us demonstrate." They leaned in close, pressing their hips together, but keeping their chests several inches apart. Whitney continued to lecture.

"First, you gently cup her breast from below," she said, hefting Britney's beautiful boob in her palm, lifting it gently. Then she began to lightly massage it with her long, pink-nailed fingers and her cool soft palm. Britney cooed. "Press and swirl, but gently. Then, lightly flick your thumb over her nipple. If it is getting hard, you're doing it right." Her thumb flicked the swollen brown tissue of the nipple, as large as a thimble, protruding from Britney's breast. Brit moaned and squirmed. Whitney continued.

"Then, you use your other hand on the other breast, but always listening to her feedback; you never know how a woman likes it, rough or gentle, until you gage her reaction." She obviously already knew Britney's preferences, because she soon had Brit squirming in delight. Then Britney put her hands on Whitney's breasts, and I watched in awe as four beautiful hands massaged four beautiful breasts and tweaked and flicked four magnificently engorged nipples. When they brought their mouths together for further making out, I thought I would lose it. My cock was again at full sail!

Finally they broke apart. "Okay, Grasshopper, your turn," said Britney. "Come over here and fondle your big sister's boobs." She turned toward me.

"No way!" interjected Whitney. "You got to kiss him first. I want to do this one first." She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me close. My cock almost got in the way, but we managed to get it between us without too much trouble. She put her arms around my waist. "My boobs are lonely, Andy," she said. "Fondle them for me, please?"

I reached up my hand, and gently hefted her large, teardrop shaped breast, just as I had observed them doing.