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Sophia's in a good mood and Tom takes advantage.

When she arrived in the salon adjacent to the dining room, she could see her manservant had not yet recovered his composure completely, but was stiffly serving drink to her guests. When she entered the room she saw that they had both changed into clothing quite as scandalous as her own.

She knew her own eyes were riveted to her guests and felt the pressure of their eyes on her. She felt ... charged ... and as her manservant served her drink she could see that though he had been able to adjust himself, he was having difficulty walking.

"Richard, you may retire. We can serve ourselves tonight."

"Thank you, ma'am." Her manservant bowed deeply to her, adjusted the positions of the serving dishes on the sideboard and left the room, closing the door behind him.

"Thea, serve us." His tone was gentle, but there was no opposing it.

Thea stepped delicately over to stand before Kalina. The huge green eyes held hers for a moment, and then she bowed deeply. Kalina could look directly down her bodice and see wonderful curves of her breasts and, wonders that made Kalina's breath stop, a glimpse of her nipples. They are nicely sized, pink and Kalina's gaze was in rapture until she realized there was a break in conversation. She cleared her throat. "Pull out my chair."

Thea pulled out Kalina's chair for her. As soon as she was settled, Thea bustled about serving wine and food from the sideboard.

"So, 'Captain', what do you intend to do with Cypress Hill? It is such as charming old place, but it has never been profitable. There's just not enough land to support itself. Or that's what the Shelton's used to tell me."

The Captain leaned back and smiled. "Oh, I have plans, never fear. And with enough attention and care, I think we'll make a go of it just fine."

The conversation wandered this way and that through the meal until dessert was served ... fruit, as the European custom.

Her manservant Richard had recovered somewhat by the time they were ready to retired to the sitting room. He led them to the room, ensured that the decanters were full and the fire was burning nicely and bowed his way out, closing the doors behind him.

French doors open out onto a balcony overlooking the river and sweet moist breezes flowed into the room, fragrant with honeysuckle.

The tension was closer now. She walked closer to him. By now she was no longer embarrassed to look at him and she saw that his response to her was somewhat like her manservant Richard's ... but he was in control of himself. Kalina looked over to Thea. Thea looked as if she was melting and fanned herself and breathed deeply, her lovely breasts moving inside her bodice with every breath.

"You know what you're doing to her, don't you?" His voice was low, soft, even and certain.

Kalina looked at Thea. The girl was trembling and looked up at her helplessly.

Kalina wanted to shock the Captain, so she moved to Thea, lifted her chin and kissed her full on the lips. Thea moaned, clung to her and shuddered. Kalina realized that in that moment Thea had climaxed just from the kiss. Even Maven had not been that responsive and her heart beat strong in her chest.

Kalina turned to the Captain, his woman servant in her arms and saw, not a nonplussed face as she had expected, but a wide smile, and confident smile.

He strode to them, took both of them in his arms and kissed Kalina where Thea's lips had rested not a moment before.

She felt her insides melt. Taken by his strength, she knew she would do anything now, anything he asked.

The Captain took her hands, kissed the inside of both her wrists, then turned her around and bound her hands behind her back. He sat her on a stool, guided Thea to sit on another stool. He slowly unfastened the back of Thea's dress and slid it off her shoulders.

Thea's knees touched Kalina's and Kalina could feel that the woman was still trembling from the climax of the kiss.

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