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TT pulls a fast one and makes his Christmas.

"Why wait until after tomorrow night?" Brooke questioned once again. "We could delete everything in the morning or even tomorrow afternoon. Then you wouldn't have know...spend Friday night with Alison."

Mark tried again to explain his logic. He wanted everything to appear like an accident. He argued that deleting the files right away would only put a target on his back. "I would much rather fade from their memory than start an all-out pissing match," Mark added. "Besides, it's not that long in the grand scheme of things. We need to do this right."

"I don't know," Brooke replied skeptically. "It almost sounds like you actually WANT to go through with Friday night's activities."

"That's crazy," Mark insisted. He lacked confidence in his own denial, but he wasn't about to communicate that to Brooke. "We have to do this right."

Reluctantly, Brooke agreed with Mark's plan. She only insisted that she be there personally when he deleted the files. "You may just want Janice to forget you," Brooke added. "I need to make sure she stays away from my family forever."

"That's fine," Mark agreed. "We'll give it a week or two then delete the files together. Besides, that'll give me more time to go through everything. Who knows what else she's mixed up in."

Brooke nodded. They would wait at least a week before making their move. She could keep an eye on Janice and would give Mark a heads up if Janice was about to fire off any more demands his way. Brooke would also try to spy out any offline copies of the damning videos.

By the time Mark deleted the files, Janice would hopefully have her sights set on some other victim. She would never know for certain that he had anything to do with the lost data. Considering all the lives she fucked up over the past few years, her suspect list would be extensive.

Chapter Five

Having spent most of the previous couple days scanning Janice's computer files, Mark didn't have much time to worry about his evening with Alison. Even so, the clock plotted against him ticking toward six forty-five on that Friday night. This would be the last time Mark would have to report to the study room and change into whatever outfit his host had prepared for him. He had a feeling Alison would make this last one count.

Brooke was already in the study room when Mark showed up about five minutes early. "Hey, Brooke," Mark said.

"Hey, you," Brooke answered with a friendly smile. She brushed her fingers through her short blonde hair and slid forward in her seat. "Ready for your final night?"

"I'm ready for all this to be over," Mark added.

"Me too," Brooke returned with a wink and another smile.

"Do you have my clothes?" Mark queried.

"Not yet," Brooke said. "I think Lucy's supposed to bring them."

"I guess I am a little early," Mark said taking a seat next to Brooke.

The bob-haired blonde looked incredulously at Mark. "What...What're you doing?"

"What?" Mark echoed. "I'm waiting for my clothes."

"Like that?" Brooke said extending her arm toward Mark.

"Like what?" Mark asked.

"Why aren't you naked yet?" Brooke asked. "You might as well get ready for Lucy. That way you'll be ready to get dressed as soon as she gets here."

Mark stared at Brooke. He had assumed that since they were working together since he was helping her steal video evidence against her father, she would show him some compassion. It didn't appear as though Janice or Lucy asked Brooke to make him strip in the first place. This was Brooke's call, her decision alone.

"Well," Brooke said. "We don't have all day."

Mark was pissed, but there really wasn't anything he could do. He couldn't risk screwing up his plan even though Brooke was channeling her own inner bitch. "Keep your eye on the prize," he thought to himself as he stood up and started removing his clothes. "It's not anything she hasn't seen before."

Brooke stared intently at Mark as he removed his clothing. She was acting as if she had no memory of how they were working together. She was enjoying his humiliation.

"What now?"