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When time turns fantasy into reality.

Still, it was a relief when we'd dropped the sails to, again, hear the familiar, comforting sound of the engine.

"Congratulations, captain," I said, facetiously, "Now, do you have any idea how we wrap up the sails?"

"Wait'll we dock, we can check out some of the others. Don't worry, we'll learn soon enough." And thankfully we did become reasonably competent.

The thirty-two foot sailboat had cost us a bundle but we rationalized that we'd probably be able to get our money back if we decided to sell it. And we'd save a pile of dough on motel rooms. We'd be able to stay on the boat for as long as we wanted, assuming there was food. Although she could sleep six, we would likely never need more than two bunks.

I was very fortunate to be so close to Joey and bask in his reflected glory. He had girls falling all over him- and very often boys, as well. I always felt particularly good when guys cruised him and asked if he'd like a blow-job. If a girl wanted him, she'd have to agree to a threesome, or arrange for a friend to go with me.

The boat was a dream come true. Having dropped the anchor, there was only the glorious sound of the Lake Champlain waves licking at the boat, punctuated by the music of one or more of us in the throes of an orgasm. I enjoyed the many occasions when I was able to watch Joey at his hottest. One time, when we shared a girl, I was watching him from behind. He was on his knees and for the longest time I watched his cock, pumping her pussy; that scene was priceless. I had perfected the art of recognizing the sounds he made when he was getting close, and often I was able to time our orgasms to crest in unison.

He was becoming quite a sailor, buying books, searching the Internet and going to boat shows. We seemed to be getting along very well. Hardly anyone at the marina laughed at us anymore. We were becoming so proficient - Joey, anyway - that he decided we should sail to St. Albans. It was about thirty miles- I didn't know the equivalent in knots. I was very excited by the idea of actually sailing somewhere.

"Have Ya got the bunk warmers, yet." I asked.

"No, I thought we could go by ourselves and pick up a couple of bimbos in St. Albans, how about it?"

"Ah, don't ya think it would be a little far for us?" I questioned.

"I don't think so, what d'ya think could go wrong?"

"I don't know...I was just thinking we don't have all that much experience, especially for a trip so far. Besides, Joey, you'd get bored. Ya'd have a shit fit...ya know, like, just us together in that small space for that long." It was a very difficult think for me to say but I desperately wanted to kill the idea.

"What's wrong with you, all of a sudden? You think you'd get bored with me, is that what yer tryna say?" I couldn't ever remember Joey getting so annoyed, especially because of anything I'd done. I wanted to go, in the worst way. But I was afraid. I was terrified, in fact, wondering if I'd be able to control myself. We'd be at anchor much of the time and we'd surely be drinking. I could just imagine undressing for bed; just the two of us bombed out our mind and naked in that little cabin. No way, I thought, I wouldn't be able to endure the mental torture. I've got to think of some way to get out of it without hurting his feelings. Damn! Why does it have to be like this.

"Oh, Joey, you know goddam well I'd never get bored with ya. I was thinking you might get bored. That would be uncomfortable for both of us." I lied. But there are times when a tiny lie is the only way to go.

"Ok, then, it's all settled, good." What was I to do. I couldn't live without him. He was the most important person in my life. Well, I decided, I'd have to go and suffer the consequences of my weakness.

"When do you want to leave?" I asked apprehensively.

"Tonight." He quickly replied. "Right after dinner."

"Ok," I said, hoping I hadn't sounded unenthusiastic.