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The After Party - Conclusion


"So is Angelina." said General Bolton, before his face disappeared from the screen.

Zac continued to fly the Van Halen evasively and the Cthulhu continued to fire on them. A few laser blasts struck the hull, shaking the ship and scaring everyone inside.

Suddenly the energy shield around them sparkled as it came back online. "Shield are back, at eight percent." said Zac "Bernie did it!"

Then four missiles exploded on the Cthulhus' shields, one after another. The Angelina blasted away with its' laser cannons as it approached them.

The Cthulhu launched a couple of missiles at the Van Halen. The Van Halens' laser cannons targeted a missile and hit it, making it explode before it reached the ship. The other one exploded on the shields, bringing them down again.

The large, black Pirate ship turned and targeted the long grey ship that was the Angelina. They both pelted each others shields with missiles and laser fire as the Van Halen sped away. A few other Resistance ships joined the Angelina, firing on the Cthulhu.

The Cthulhus powerful shields were being worn down and it had no choice but to turn and retreat back toward the planet. The Angelina stayed where it was, but the other ships went after it, continuing to fire on it.

Everyone cheered in the Van Halens cockpit. Mia hugged her other self, "Yeah! I told that bitch you don't fuck with the Boltons!"

The Angelina hailed them again. "Is everyone all right there?" asked General Bolton.

"Yeah, we're fine. Thanks for the save Dad." said Mia.

"Any time sweet-heart. What's the status of the mission?"

"The Cloning Pod has been destroyed."

"That's been confirmed?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Good work. I guess there's no reason for us to hang around then. We'll let the Pirate Alliance and Federation fight this one out. Van Halen, I want you to be the first to leave this system. Prepare to make the jump."

"I want to make sure Grandpa makes it out all right first." said Mia.

"I'll do that. Fall back, that's an order."

"Uh, ...General." said Streek.

"Who are you?" said General Bolton.

"It's me, McKenzie. The Pirates Deep Brain Scanned me, the location of the Resistance base has been compromised."

"Yes, I was afraid of that. The evacuation of our base has already begun. We will meet up at the secondary rendezvous point."

"Okay, we'll see you there. Be careful Dad." said Mia.

The Cthulhu raced back toward the planet Verona. Three Resistance ships were chasing it, firing at it and wearing down the shields, but the Cthulhu was faster and the distance between them grew.

Then more laser fire pelted the big, black Pirate ship as the Avatari and the Hornet came at it head on. The Cthulhus' shields finally faltered. Ben-Two and Dr Arnott continued firing away at it, until it erupted in a huge explosion out there in space. The two ships zoomed through the scattering debris.

The Van Halen jumped out of the Verona system.


Streek, Ben-Three and the two Mias sat in the common room of the Van Halen. Zac entered the room. "Well, we're away. The damage to the ship is fairly minor, we were damn lucky." He looked around at the others. "So... I got two sisters now, Streek's a guy and who the hell are you?" he said looking at Ben-Three.

Ben-Three stood up and offered his hand, "Ben Anders the third. Pleased to meet you. Nice ship you got here, and nice flying back there."

Zac shook his hand. "Thanks, I'm Zac Bolton. Are you Bernies' brother or something?"

"Something. We're both Ben Anders clones. She's my Captain."

Bernie entered the room again with a bottle of Whiskey in her hand. "My ears are burning."

"You were a man?" said Zac.

"Yeah, I was."

"My sire's a man too." said Streek. "That's why I'm a man again now."

"My man!" said Bernie, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Oh, ...I see." said Zac sadly. "Hey! That's my Single Malt!"

"Thanks." said Bernie, twisting the cap off the bottle. She took a long swig and then tipped some onto the floor.

"Hey!..." Cried out Zac.

"For my fallen comrades."

She passed the bottle to Zac.