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Can women fantasize about white boys?

They kissed my neck and bit my nipples. Slowly there in the open my clothes were slipping off and being pulled down and I was exposed enough for one of the other men to have their turn.

I closed my eyes for a second and felt their savage roaming of my body. Someone lifted up my leg, holding it, and stuck what must have been four fingers in my hole. My cunt was being pounded by someone's hand and I was loving it. With his fingers he pounded me, as he chewed on my one exposed breast and muttering in between such profane and derogatory names. I let him go at me as I moaned for more.

"Give me more, Give me more" I moaned over and over again.

And then I opened my eyes and heard one of the other guys unzip their pants. I was still upright, being held by the wonderful man who was banging the hell out of my cunt now with nearly his whole hand.

Then I felt him literally being pulled away. I moaned again, from he lack of pounding to my wet hole. I nearly tumbled to the side from losing my balance, but was caught. It was the first man again. He lifted me effortlessly and close to him and slid his enormous cock into me. With my back against the wall slightly and him holding my weight and pounded myself into him.

I could here the other guys in the background, but couldn't see them around the shadow of this enormously large, muscular, and well endowded bastard that was fucking the hell out of me.

"Fuck man, it's my turn.... Let me have a slice of that bitch...." They were whining, along with the complementary, "Fuck her, Fuck that bitch hard".

I loved hearing them talk about me like this. It made me impale myself harder and faster and this man. My breath was quick and I was getting tired, but I was frantic. I had to keep fucking him. With every insertion there was a shot of fire into me. I was so hot and I kept going.

He finally let out a little moan, and his grip on me was failing. I felt him hot and wet inside of me. As it came in some was dripping out, there was so much. It was so fulfilling, but I knew I had more men to go. I had to be fair.

He set me down and stepped back and placed his cock back in his pants. My skirt was hiked up a little, exposing the tops of my legs and I could feel his come running down my legs. My insides were still wanting more though.

I turned around and bent over with my hands up against the wall. I never saw who was the next to fuck me. I felt his cock go in me. He was rock hard and pounded furiously in my cunt as he leaned over and under and grabbed my tits.

We got a motion, and I plunged back into him each time he wasn't going in deep enough.

"Fuck me, you little bastard. Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder.....:" I spat through clentched teeth.

"Uhhh... Uhhh.. I think I'm going to cum..." was all I heard.

"Oh no you won't, not yet. Hold on, Fuck me!" I nearly yelled at him.

The guys from behind here chanting him on and when I looked down I saw the other guy standing there in the light of the lot ready. His zipper was already down and his cock was in his hand. He was ready and so was I.

Right then, the cock that was inside of me let loose. I could feel it warm inside me and his whole body shaked for a second as he jolted harder to make sure it was all out. He limped over on top of me, panting. When I stood up, he nearly fell over and his friends laughed a little.

The third man walked over to me with his stiff cock in hand.

"Can you take any more?" he asked me, with almost a concerned look on his face.

I simply looked at him. I was happy that the five minute boy had been taken care of already. This man had the look like he knew what he was doing. I never said anything though. I simply coyly smiled at him and dropped to my knees.

I took his cock in my hands and guided it into my mouth. He stood there allowing me to suck on it. I played with the head with my tongue alternately with pushing my whole face into it and nearly swallowing it.

I felt his hand reach to the back of my head and grap my hair.