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Animalistic bondage with a human twist.

"That top does not do her justice does it?"

"No it doesn't." She replied

"You have something that is suitable for that body do you not?" I asked and the young girl replied in the affirmative.

"Find it for us please." I said and she was off.

Maddy was looking at me with a look of concern as I walked up behind her to caress her breasts and whispered "Trust me."

The second sales girl arrived again with a draped blouse/halter than was held together in back by a pair of gold colored chains and enabled me to move the front to the side and expose her breasts at will.

I smiled as she put them on and insisted that she wear it as we left and I paid the bill.

Next we arrived at the the club any of you that are familiar with this neck of the woods will have a good idea of the name and location of the club I am referring to.

As we entered and I paid the cover charge we began looking for a place to sit, there was a spot at a corner table with two chairs and we chose to sit there.

I brought us a couple of drinks and introductions were made all around and she began watching what was going on around her.

The couple sitting across from us was very relaxed, kissing and she had his hard cock out of his pants and stroking him. Soon they adjourned to the couples room and we watched the others around us. T

he couple sitting at the end of our table were young, in their 30's and quite attractive and they were joined by another 30's couple who produced a can of whipped cream and started applying it liberally to breasts located around the table and licking it off.

Maddy just kept watching and soon the original couple returned, we asked what was happening in the couples room and they replied

"We were." As they sat back down and enjoyed a drink.

At that point we decided to get out on the dance floor and have some fun, so we started dancing>

A good looking couple consisting of a fairly tall black man and his brunette girlfriend were dancing near us and he turned her toward me and began inching her blouse up, after it was above her breasts, he moved her bra down, and I proceeded to open Maddy's blouse up from behind, and we moved the two girls together, neither would look at the other, but their breasts were rubbing as we danced, and he and I were enjoying ourselves immensely.

The two girls were being very un-unattentive to each other, soon the song ended and he and his date returned to their places at the bar.

Maddy asked the fateful question. "What is in the couples room?"

I smiled and took her hand and led her inside.

There was one couple in there making love, sort of, they were an extremely drunk older couple, so we sat down on a couch away from them.

I unzipped my pants.

"On your knees, and give me head." I said.

She hesitated...

"On your knees and do it now!" I insisted, not loudly, but without room for argument.

"What is this going to buy for me?" She asked.

"Not a damn thing," I answered, "you are being obedient, nothing more, nothing less, disobedience means that we stop now."

She then dropped to her knees between my legs and began to suck me like a good little girl.

I told her "Now that's being my good Kitten, you are doing what I want and doing it right."

She simply nodded her agreement and continued to fellate me.

The male half of the couple who had been there, turned as he left and said "beautiful, simply beautiful!" And with that he left.

I took her hand and pulled her off of me and she looked at me questioningly and seated herself next to me.

"What did I just do?" She asked me.

"You learned the first step in obedience." I said, "You have to be willing to obey me without question." "That is,if you want to learn what this lifestyle is all about." "Without obedience you would run and that would result in your learning nothing."

She was quiet for a moment and then she looked up at me and said.

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