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He had four interviews to conduct and four cases to address. The most difficult, the case against his own daughter, he would save until the very end.

The first interview was with the Lord that had been tormenting Maria Elena. The official tried to appear indignant that his rights as a member of the nobility had been violated, but the Grand Prophet quickly shut him up.

"Lord, you wish to tell us that your privileges as a nobleman supersede those of a Grand Prophet? Do you really think you have the authority to silence the Danubian Church? This Priestess has acted on my behalf. Everything she has done has been with my blessing. If you wish to criticize or threaten her, please direct such comments to me."

The Priestess read Criminal 101025's confession and statement in its entirety. She followed with a written statement that she had prepared describing what she had seen the moment the door opened and Maria Elena was rescued. Finally she asked:

"Lord, I am curious about one thing. What was the purpose of making Criminal # 101025 bark like a dog? In what way was that intended to improve her service to the Grand Duchess?"

"I did that because it was my right as a Lord, Priestess. That criminal was handed over to me for my benefit, and I treated her in a manner that brought pleasure to me."

The Minster of Justice spoke next:

"In trial we will determine whether or not abusing the Grand Duchess's servants was indeed your right. The statements of your actions against your servants will be presented, in detail, for the nation to consider. If you wish, make the case that your actions were not dishonorable. I will request that your wife and your children present themselves at your trial so they can listen to a full accounting of your behavior and your actions, and they can determine whether or not you acted with honor. You will also understand that we will hold your heirs financially responsible for any psychological counseling the servants might need. You will understand that such services are costly, so I might suggest you liquidate all your properties and investments and have the cash available to compensate the Ministry. You will serve the pig, your family name will be held in disgrace because of what you did, and your heirs will face impoverishment. The results of your case will destroy not only you, but your family. The impoverishment of your heirs and the dishonoring of your ancestors will be the legacy your actions will leave behind."

It was at that moment the Lord realized how hopeless his situation truly was. He had squandered not only his life, but also the lives of his descendants and his ancestors. Serving the pig...a Life without Honor...that was only the beginning of the destruction he had brought upon himself and those around him.

The deputized Royal Guards took the Lord back to the holding cell and left him alone while the other Lord faced a similar depressing interview. The two men sat in their respective cells with no hope, in the depths of despair that they had brought upon themselves.


The next person that Dukov had to deal with was the Grand Duke. The ruler was escorted downstairs by Vladik and the Minister of Justice to the same sitting room where the two Lords had been interviewed. Dukov was not sure how to handle the Grand Duke; he would have to determine how much he knew about the Mega-Town plot.

The Prime Minister was surprised that the Grand Duke's main concern was not preserving his title, but the honor of his wife. He had heard that Anyia had been whipped by her mother and was incensed that Anyia, the Grand Duchess of Danubia, could have been treated in such a disrespectful manner. Dukov stopped him.

"You will understand that to you, Anyia is the Grand Duchess.