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Some correspondence as a relationship flowers.


I guess it was the pot and booze because John started laughing. We all started giggling nervously, and even Diane turned her head with a wry smile, saying, "Come on, this is embarrassing. Don't you guys dare tell anyone!"

John said, 'Well it's your turn on the joint.' He moved forward and held the joint to her lips.

She rolled her eyes, took one quick puff and said, 'Come on guys, leave!'

John just held the joint out again and said, 'You need to catch up.'

She took another hit, this time longer, causing her to cough as she breathed it out. Her ass jiggled as she coughed. Jim, standing right behind her, noticed her ass. He said laughingly, "Come on, show us how that thing works while we finish this joint!"

John and Mark both laughed and John said, "Yeah! Show us how it works and we'll leave and never tell anyone!"

'Promise?' she said, looking daggers at me as I said nothing. But, I saw a little flash of that hot look she gets when turned on.

They all nodded as the joint continued to be passed around, with Jim holding it for Diane when it was her turn. I noticed none of us bogarted the joint, that it went back to Diane very quickly.

She moved slightly up and down on the dildo and said, 'Satisfied? Come on guys, really, leave!'

"Aw that wasn't much!" Mark pleaded, "You'll need to show us for real if you don't want us to tell anyone!"

Before she could say anything, I said, 'Guys, just once more, then it's our secret forever.'

She gave me a glare, but at the same time said nothing back.

They all nodded and assured her again.

She started up and down doing longer strokes this time. And she didn't stop after just a few strokes. I could hear the guys breathing change as she began to be turned on by her own motions. I went up and pressed down on her ass as she stroked down on the dildo. I heard a little moan.

Without much conviction Diane said, "Come on guys...." and stopped moving.

To my surprise, Mark followed my lead and stepped up to press her ass down. She moaned and started stroking up and down again.

Diane stopped again and kind of rested her head down which made her ass stick up further.

Jim said, 'Wait a second, let me make it work". He moved forward and pressed down on her ass, this time holding her ass firmly for a few strokes.

She began to shudder as she went up and down with Jim's hands pressing her at the right times.

Jim reached around her side from behind and untied her bathing suit top letting it fall off to the side. She was now entirely exposed with her breasts resting on the straddle as she stopped again, realizing another step had been taken. But she didn't say anything.

John got brave and stepped to her side and touched her left breast. She sucked her breath in and let out an 'ooooohhh' sound. She turned her head towards me with a glazed look.

I kind of nodded encouragement as the 'exhibitionist only' line was still not entirely crossed.

I started again to say something about going downstairs again, that they had seen more than they deserved, when Mark moved in front of her and dropped his suit revealing a half hard member.

I was relieved when she shook her head 'no'.

But then Mark, the volleyball flirt, pressed his half hard against her lips, and said, 'Come on, do it for the team.'

She glanced back at me, then gingerly took his half hard into her mouth. She began riding the straddle harder, with John tweaking her breasts and Mark's cock in her mouth.

Mark began nearing a climax. She pulled her face away from Mark's now hard cock. Mark sighed and stepped back.

She looked at me, and I just kind of raised my eyebrows. I was about to say something again when Jim stepped in front of Diane and wagged his hardening member on her lips, saying 'I'm on the team, too!'

She looked sideways at me and said, 'Ok, but same as Mark, just a tease.'

She sucked Jim's cock over her red, round lips.

John, still massaging her breasts, said, 'Think I can get teased, too?'

She turned her head towards him with Jim still in her mouth, and kind of nodded.

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