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Finally I felt the back of her pussy as my pubes started to tickle hers. She was rocking her body towards mine urging me to keep going. This time when I tried to kiss her, she opened her mouth and let our tongues meet in the darkness created by our joined lips. I slowly started out of her while we kissed and before either set of lips left me I slowly reintroduced my cock to her tunnel. There were innumerable repeats of this echoed by moans of ecstasy before our kiss ended. Her entire body was covered in blush and she was short of breath as I opened my eyes to look into hers. The slow agonizing pace of my dick burrowing into her tight, wet, pink twat, over and over; squeezing past her juicy lips and opening her throbbing insides all the way to her cervix, then leaving her empty and begging for my return lasted for what seemed like hours before I felt her pussy spasm again. "God.. Jo, I think I'm..."

She dug her nails into my shoulders. " Just shut up and fuck me." she ordered and I complied. Bracing my hands on her waist, I shoved my cock into her jerking body time and time again, making her tits, still trapped in her red silk bra, jump and bounce with each thrust. "Oh, Christ!" she howled "Don't stop!" I pounded my cock inside her again and again until I heard, in the thickest cockney accent to ever grace my ears. "I cummin! Aahhrr, Fuck me! I'm cummin!" Her pussy seemed to slam shut and it took slivers of seconds before it was sucking jet after thick jet of cum straight into her womb.

We collapsed in a heap of body parts and tried to catch our breath. After a few moments, Jo spoke. "So, I hear this place has amazing showers in the suites..."

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Wanna go check them out?" She nodded fervently and I nearly leapt off of her and pulled her by the arm to follow me to the bathroom. The shower took up half the room, it had two broad rainmaker showerheads on either side, and a bench along the wall(which was made of polished granite), the doors were glass with gold-plated handles, and neither of us could wait to get in. Jo lost her bra before the water started, and in the time it took the water to get warm, the nipples that topped her b-cups were hard enough to scratch diamonds. We both took soap and started to wash each other off, I think Jo had the cleanest breasts in all of England before we were done, and thanks to her efforts, my cock was not only clean but standing at full attention.

"Oops." she smiled out. "Lemme help you with that." she offered as she dropped slowly to her knees. She simply gazed at it for a few seconds before leaning forward and kissing the head open mouthed. She giggled as it twitched at her attention, the she leaned back in and sucked the head just past her lips, she rubbed each centimeter with her tongue before trying to suck any more inside. As her tongue was tracing veins down the shaft, the head of my cock hit her uvula. She started to gag violently and pulled away before forcing her dinner back down. "Sorry." She said when I asked if she was okay. "I've never given head before, I'm sorry."

I found it hard to believe that, but if she said so. "It's ok, Jo, you don't have to apologize." I said. "Here, do it this way. " I said and took her hand and wrapped it around the head of my cock. "Now, only go down as far as your hand will let you." She got back up on her knees and pushed her lips over my dick again, this time sucking fervently on the head and following her hand down my shaft, even when her wrist was rubbing against my balls, she had enough room in her mouth to massage me with her tongue. I put one hand on top of her head and the other held my balance against the shower wall as Jo started bobbing her head, taking her mouth all the way off and then back on my cock. It wasn't until she opened her pretty brown eyes to look up at me that I knew I was about to cum. "Jo.. Baby.." I managed to moan out.

She pulled her mouth off and started jerking my dick, aiming the slit at her chest