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Voluntary servitude.

Jake sat back down in his recliner and pulled his monster nine inch cock from his pants and began to stock it slowly.

As the girls finished their 'dessert', I asked, "Does anyone want seconds?" and glance over at Jake.

Both women quickly focused their attention to Jake's bulbous cock. Jill attempted to get the head of that monster into her mouth but just couldn't. So, she let her mother take the beast down her throat while she watched and learned a few new tricks.

I noticed as she watched she moved her mouth, tongue and throat the same as Jean did. It was like a mirror image. My sexy girlfriend had the best tutor in the world for learning a new skill.

As Jill's mimicking behavior continued, she slowly caressed her small breasts which caused her nipples to extend. I knew from experience as they grew rock hard, stimulating electric currents would flow from them to her sweet tight pussy. It was only a matter of time before I would have my throbbing cock deep in my baby's hot wet cunt.

Sensing the perfect opportunity, I moved behind Jill and slowly started to undress my sexy little goddess. She was intent to learn every small detail her mother displayed and did not want to be bothered with trivial matters like undressing. She did sway to one side or the other as I needed her assistance to disrobe her but that was it.

As I painstaking removed each piece of Jill's clothing, Jake did his best to undo Jean's blouse. Knowing they had much more experience at this, I wasn't surprised when Jean was completely naked and Jake was in his boxers when I finally removed Jill's panties.

I was the only one fully clothed. It took me less than 20 seconds to shed the cumbersome apparel and resume my position next to Jill. I saw her fingers eagerly rubbing her clit as I neared her side and the small beads of juice caught in the fair hair of her muff. I wanted to taste her sweet pussy juice again.

So, I lay next to her and gently began to lift her leg. She slowly came out of her fixation long enough to squat over my face and slowly lowered her juicy pussy down to my lips. As the first drop of her nectar touched my tongue, I felt an overwhelming warm feeling encompass my body.

I inhaled deeply filling my lungs with Jill's inner essence. The flavorful aroma seemed to permeate my being and lift me to a new sense of ecstasy. I wanted to give Jill the most intense orgasm of her life as I started to kiss, lick and suck her tender pussy.

I tried to learn quickly. If I did something and she acted favorably, I did it again with varying speeds and pressures. If she didn't like something, I tried something entirely new.

Finally, I concentrated all my efforts on her clit. This was her magic spot. With each hard tongue stroke, she moaned and ground a little harder on my face. After several times, I decided I needed to do something to intensify the whole thing.

My mind raced trying to think of something. Jill was getting impatient. She ground her clit hard into my face. It was getting difficult to breathe, so I bit her clit just hard enough to hopefully get a quick gasp of air.

Unknown to both of us; this is what she wanted. She began to orgasm and ground her small pussy into my face. Again, breathing was difficult and I bit harder.

"Oh, fuck yes!" echoed repeatedly as Jill lost control and continued to grind her cunt on my face.

This was all the Jake needed to see, hear and smell. His little girl having a massive orgasm put him over the edge as he sent the first shot of cum down his wife's talented mouth. He struggled to stand shooting his next rope across Jean's dangling breasts.

Finally, he steadied himself and fired his load at Jill. She was lost in orgasmic bliss when the first splatter of her father's cum streamed across her face. She quickly recognized the creamy texture and erotic aroma and opened her mouth as she continued to ride her sweet orgasm to its end.

Jake saw his golden opportunity and placed his spunk monster next to her lips as his last rope erupted from his quivering balls and coated his daughter's entir