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Light awakens from the change.

He made her feel special, and made her laugh, but his eyes upon her feel something else. It was more than sexual attraction, it was like it was just meant to happen, and when it did; it would mean something special to both of them.

Kimberly broke the kiss and squeezed his cock tight with her thighs, "What are you going to do to me kind sir?"

He grinned mischievously as he picked her up effortlessly in his arms and pirouetted around in a circle twice before dropping her on the bed. He pounced on her in an instant and forced his lips on hers as she struggled in vain to get away.

"I'm afraid you're in for a very rum time." he suggested after breaking the kiss. "I'm gonna ravish your body for hours until you're too tired to be of any value."

She grinned up at him, "Really, might I suggest that you may not be man enough for the job in hand."

He forced her hands above her head and began to nibble on her ear before running his tongue down to her neck and to the curves of her breasts. His tongue slipped under the material and located her left nipple; she sighed in pleasure and rolled on top of him straddling his waist. Leaning down, she jiggled her breasts in front of his face; his hands cupped both mounds before moving her back to find the bikini tie. It was soon undone and her full breasts freed for his attentions.

"You like?" she asked smothering his face with them.

He pushed her breasts together so that her nipples were almost touching; then flicked his tongue over them before sucking them gently. It was nice; Kimberly thought to herself and turned her attentions to his cock lying up his navel. Slipping the elastic of her bikini aside, she guided his cock between the material and her thigh to her pussy. In one quick motion, Kimberly lifted her pussy and eased the head of his cock inside her, she gasped as its girth stretched wide. She took half its length before easing upwards for more lubrication, then with short stokes, she settled down on its full length. Placing her hands on his chest, she slowly eased her pussy up and down to get used to the unfamiliar but pleasurable intrusion. Josh looked up at Kimberly in delight, her eyes closed and frown lines above demonstrated her concentration of pleasure. His cock felt like it was tramped in a warm vice, he could feel every contour of her tight insides as it slid up and down its length. When the elastic of her bikini bottom began to get uncomfortable, Josh gripped the side tie and began to pull it, instead of the bow undoing, the stitching gave way.

"Oh dear, look what you've done. All my other lovers will be distraught." she mocked.

She leaned backwards as his forefinger slipped between her thighs to her clit, her eyes opened as he squeezed it gently between thumb and forefinger.

She grinned, "You're quite good at this."

"Thanks, it's not every day I get to show an older woman a thing or two."
Kimberly stopped moving and glared down at him, "When the fuck did I become the older woman?" she growled in mock anger.

"A few minutes ago."

She leaned down and looked him straight in the eye, "Do you wanna get your rocks off or not?"


"Then might I suggest that you consider any older woman cracks out of order."

"Is that a threat?" he asked.

"You bet it is."

Without warning, Josh picked her up and flipped her onto her back while still impaled on his cock; he then leaned hard into her.

She laughed and wrapped her legs around him, "Okay, I give up, lets see what you can do young fellow."

After a few adjustments to get arms, legs and bodies into the right places, they settled down to enjoy their journey.