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The breeze stopped suddenly, the clearing becoming silent in an instant, the rustling breeze falling silent.

Her breathing quickened, but she squelched her excitement, concentrating on the sensations she was receiving, the tiny electric waves engulfing her body as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water poured over her skin, playing around her altar in a circular dance. And then she felt it, like lips pressed against her neck, a flash of hot breath as if a lover had bent his mouth to suckle at her flesh. Her eyes flew open, her fingers falling from the statue as she glanced behind her, but no one was there. Her lashes fluttered shut again, her hands resting on the altar, and she felt the lips return, brushing the soft hairs on her nape gently.

Her breasts were tight and full, their centers taut no longer with cold, but with hungry need as the phantom mouth toyed with her skin. It moved up her neck with slow, damp kisses, like a tongue and teeth nipping at her sensitized skin, and then she felt the brush of a body against her back, a hard chest pressing against her spine, a full and erect member nestled in the soft crease of her buttocks. The ghostly mouth was sampling her earlobe now, nipping and sucking, and she felt an answering twinge low in her belly, her sex starting to flood with the wet evidence of her desire. "Please," she begged, and she felt arms wrapping about her body, coming across her waist and up to cup her tiny globes. Invisible fingers pinched her erect nipples, tugging at them gently, pulling them until she cried out, her moans echoing over the empty clearing.

"Please, my lord," she groaned, her voice coming out husky and broken. She could still feel the sex against the curve of her rear, sliding in a thrusting motion in the valley between each cheek, and her eager folds throbbed in protest. Her inner thighs were drenched in her juices, and her sex was near dripping. "Please, let me see you." A masculine chuckle against her ear sent a shiver over her naked body, and then she felt strong hands lifting her, carrying her. She opened her eyes and saw nothing, yet she was being taken over to the altar.

The elements themselves lent their gifts to her God, for one by one the tools went flying off the altar, landing at the soft soil around the base. The candle sputtered out, the incense choked off, and the wine spilled into the dark ground. The elements dismissed, she was laid to rest on top of the white altar cloth, the satin smooth beneath her back. Her head dangled over the north end of the table, her black hair spilling almost to the ground, and her legs were lifted to wrap around an invisible waist. And then, slowly, a body began to fade into view as it bent over her own, and she beheld with her eyes for the first time the vision of her God.

His hair was an unearthly red, spilling like a scarlet wave over his bare shoulders. Green eyes, the most intense eyes she had ever seen, feasted on the sight of her naked form. His skin was so white that it glowed, a shining blue light that somehow accented the beauty of each limb. He was muscled in the way of a Greek warrior or a Roman athlete, every curve and tendon perfect, cut, defined. He was hairless save for his head and his eyebrows, which made the sheer size of his sex seem more intimidating. It was nearly nine inches in length, but was thicker than she had ever seen or experienced.

He gripped her hips and pulled her higher, leaning in to lie across her body. One hand reached behind her head, gripping a fistful of her hair and pulling her gently up so his mouth could invade hers. As his tongue parted her soft lips, she felt the shaft of his manhood against the soft bed of curls crowning her wet flower, rubbing lightly against the swollen nub of her clitoris with each careful thrust.

She was moaning beneath his mouth, her tongue battling with his, and her hands came up to run over the smooth planes of his chest, his shoulders, and his hips.