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Dominique Tipper escapes one event and finds another.

At the far end of the room sat an old couch and a thick rug on the floor. A video camera on tripod sat close by.

"What's this?" Lisa asked.

"This is the orgy room," Derek chuckled, pointing the camera at her and switching it on. "Now, we're gonna' have some real fun."

"Oh I don't know," Lisa said, frowning and biting her lip. She pushed the camera away.

Derek pulled her close. "You want to please me, don't you?"

"You know I do," Lisa said, "but video? I don't know. What if someone sees it?"

"I promise it will be fun," Derek said, caressing her body and kissing her lips. Lisa shivered and fell into his embrace. "And if you want my cock you had better take your punishment like a good girl."

Reluctantly Lisa moved to the couch. Jamul and Junior were already naked. They grinned, their erections hard and throbbing, waiting for her. She sat between them and let them take turns kissing her lips and fondling her breasts. Derek stood behind the camera and began filming. As they kissed her they took turns unbuttoning her blouse until her slightly sagging 34-C breasts were hanging in open view for the camera.

What would happen, Lisa wondered, if someone she knew -- someone from work -- would see the video? The world would know she had become a slut for black men to use and to fuck and do crude things to. What if her friends found out? Would they secretly be jealous but then brand her a slut? What if her husband saw it? Would he understand that her needs were many and she had sought out relief in the arms of her black lover's friends? Or would he be angry and leave her? She pushed the thought back, feeling vulnerable and cheap.

"Play with their dicks," Derek commanded. "I want to see the contrast of your white skin on the black dicks that will use you."

Lisa gripped both men's erections and squeezed them. She slid her fingers up and down the shafts, feeling the hardness that she knew longed for her pussy. She felt like a slut, but a thread of excitement gripped her. She knew her pussy would be used, that she was considered easy and cheap -- and perhaps she was -- but the idea aroused the animal lust in her and she found herself willing to be used by these beautiful black studs for sex.

Junior lifted her leg over his, exposing her pussy to the camera while Lisa masturbated his stallion prize penis. "That's the stuff," Derek said, "rip that skirt off, Junior, and show us some pussy and asshole." Junior fumbled with her skirt. Lisa heard the sound of fabric ripping. Moments late she sat naked for the camera. She was lifted by crude hands and placed on her knees as the camera concentrated on her most private parts. She felt Junior and Jamul spreading her ass cheeks, pushing thick, callused fingers into her anus, and squeezing and spanking her pussy. She knew better than to protest.

"Spank that pussy!" Derek shouted. "Make it hurt!"

Junior reached for his belt. Jamul held Lisa by her arms and Junior began plying leather to her pussy. She jumped as each slap of leather smacked her pussy. It hurt but she did not whimper. Instead she spread her legs more, taking each hit, allowing lust and passion to overwhelm her. After several minutes the flogging ceased and Lisa sat still, her pussy numb.

"Junior," Derek said, "fuck her ass. Lisa, I want your tongue in Jamul's asshole." Lisa looked up, a puzzled look on her face. "Suck his asshole," Derek replied.

"I've never done that before," she struggled.

"It's time you learned," Derek replied.

Lisa watched as Jamul got on his knees and wiggled his black ass in her face. His balls dangled low, bouncing as he moved. She didn't want to do this, but she didn't want to upset Derek either. The thought of sticking her tongue in a man's ass was crude and distasteful. She had enjoyed men's tongues in her ass before, that much was true, but to be on the other end was, well, unsettling.

"I don't want to," she said.

Derek shook his head.

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