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This is Karen's moment of truth and decision making.

He channel surfed through the movie channels absentmindedly. There were the usual suspects-'Miracle on 34th Street', 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', 'Home Alone', 'The Usual Suspects'-but nothing seemed to really stand out.

Soon he had accidently gone all the way through the movie channels and the next thing that came on was a sexy brunette girl slowly licking her way up a very sizable cock.

"Whoops!" He said as he quickly changed the channel.

"What?!" She said as she turned and looked back at him. She wrestled the controller away even as he tried to squirm away underneath her. She quickly turned the channel back to the brunette wearing only a tiny white thong and bra as she began an expert blowjob. The TV heading read 'Playboy TV'.

"Since when did you and mom sign up for PlayboyTV?!?" She asked accusingly as she slapped her dad on the leg and laughed at him through an adorably cheeky grin.

"We signed up for it basically right after you left for school..." He blushed immensely towards his daughter but the drugs made the honesty come easier.

"Wow, so I'm gone for like a couple of months and my parents become a couple of kinky sex fiends, huh?!" she was purposefully teasing him now. If she was being honest she watched plenty of porn herself.

"You know young lady, I will have you know that your mother and I were quite the kinky sex fiends long before you ever showed up. We just had to hide it a little better with an impressionable child in the house." He said as he tickled her right back. She squirmed in his lap as she lay back against him in her original position.

"Well that's actually really fucking cool I think, I totally love porn, I watch it all the time..." she said as her eyes drifted back towards the TV, "and to be honest, you and mom didn't really hide your kink THAT well, I heard you two fucking plenty of times growing up." She said like it was no big deal at all.

"Yes, unfortunately your mother is not a quiet woman in bed," he admitted as he also looked back towards the TV screen. She pointed the remote towards the TV to change the channel but thought better of it as the porn progressed.

"Mmm, that makes sense, I'm pretty loud in bed too." Mackenzie said, easily talking to her father about sex as her body happily tingled with the effects of the drug. Henry's cock jumped a little when he thought about the sounds Mackenzie might make while being fucked.

The video featured a girl in her 20's slowly sucking on sizable cock that was attached to an attractive silver fox type. The coincidence wasn't lost on either of them.

"Let's just watch this, I like it." She said, somewhat under her breath. She laid further back with her legs out in front of her as Henry spread his legs so that she could sit directly up against the inside of his and against his crotch and back.

"Sounds good to me," He said back, also with a slight creek in his voice now. His heart rate had definitely intensified as they both grew quiet and watched the high quality porn together.

Henry felt his cock starting to inflate again but this time there would be no way of hiding pointed straight up towards his stomach which her ass and back were firmly pressed against. Mackenzie easily felt as her dad began to get hard and she purposefully made sure to put her weight against it.

He was big, she thought to herself. He felt much larger than the hard-ons she was accustomed to causing in her boyfriend's pants.

She was incredibly nervous as she laid back against her father's chest, but she also felt her pussy tingling at the knowledge that he was getting hard behind her.

She stretched her body out which caused her t-shirt to ride up a little and expose her abs.

They switched places on the TV as the attractive silver fox buried his face in the sexy young girls spread legs and began to eat her out.

Mackenzie's breathing had grown more shallow as she began to run her own hands over the soft skin of her exposed belly right above the waistband of her tiny pajama shorts.