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Lucy finally sees behind Michael's exterior.

I don't know why, after all I wouldn't say I was an out and out exhibitionist.

Suddenly I realised that I had turned onto a smaller country road and up ahead I could see a space at the side of the road where I could park the car. I stopped and waited for a moment. There wasn't a sound, only the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees.

I turned the engine off and got out. Looking around I could see fields with hedging and trees but no houses and no other people or cars. I made the decision there and then that I was going to strip off. The thought made me twitch and I could feel my cock beginning to swell at the thought. I pulled off my t-shirt and then looked around, still no one was around. I put it onto the drives seat of my car. Then my shorts were slipped off and placed again on the drivers seat of my car.

I stood, nude, except for my flip flops at the side of the road. My cock had now swollen and was proudly standing to attention with my balls being pulled up and tight. I looked around and then began to rub my shaft, slowly and gently. It felt good but I knew that I wanted to walk.

Crossing the road I climbed over a wooden farm gate and dropped into a field on the other side. The field was empty, it was full of freshly cut grass and the smell filled my nostrils. I walked round the outside initially, wondering if anyone would come by. No one did, so I stopped and looked around. Nothing stirred but then I heard a buzzing sound. The sound of a small light aeroplane.

Looking up I could see an aeroplane flying towards where I stood. Thinking nothing of it I walked out from the side of the field and into the middle, knowing full well that whoever was in the plane could probably see me. I carried on walking as the plane flew over. My cock throbbed and twitched as I heard the plane go over.

Then silence again. I walked over to a small grassy bank and sat down. I looked down and could see that my cock was still swollen. I gave it a stroke, then gently flicked my fingers round my balls and up and down the shaft. It felt good. Mind you, I love masturbating and it always feels good, no matter how many times I do it.

I lay back and felt the grass on my back as I lay down. The sun again kissed my skin as I parted my legs and I started to think of how good it felt to be lying metres from the road but totally naked. Totally on the back foot if anyone came along. I had nothing to cover me and to be honest I didn't know if anyone would come along.

As I lay there I pulled my knees up, keeping my feet on the ground and I just lay there. Feeling the sun and then gently pulling my shaft with one hand while I caressed my balls with the other. It felt good. I started to think of a girl I work with. Imagining her naked with me, lying in the field. I guess I wished that she could see me, naked and erect.

Slowly I started to take hold of my swollen, throbbing cock and I started to rub my hand up and down the thick, hard shaft. It was no lie to say that it felt good, very good. Me, the sun, the open air, no one around and thoughts of the girl I work with.

I decided that I wanted to try another position so I got into the doggy position. Imagining that the girl I worked with was in front of me with my erect throbbing cock sliding in and out of her. I gently thrust my hips backwards and forwards as I slowly wanked my cock. The feeling was amazing I must admit that I'd never done this before and I'm not sure why as it felt so good.

Suddenly I heard a noise and looked up. Initially I couldn't see anything. Then I looked towards the field gate and I could see a horse. Funnily enough there didn't seem to be anyone with it. I didn't know whether to feel excited or frightened, maybe my afternoon play could be interrupted by the rider.

I waited what seemed to be an age and no one appeared.

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