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A huntress tries to survive in a devastated world.

And then she was off to the races. Shevaun put the same energy into her fucking as she did into her dancing. She was literally bouncing on top of me. But she was also a grinder, and she brought herself off in no time. I came a few moments later, thrusting up into her.

She lay on top of me, panting, until her breathing came back to normal. Then she grinned.

- "Nice!" she said. "Let's see if they want to trade places." She got off, and walked out of Pete's room, stark naked.

I couldn't believe it! Where did Rob find these girls? First Capri, and now Shevaun. I'd never met a girl who wanted to fuck two different guys the same night - and here we were, with a second opportunity in the space of two weeks.

Then I heard raised voices, coming from my room. I couldn't quite hear what they were saying, but Shevaun didn't sound happy.

- "Fuck you!" That was loud and clear.

Shevaun stormed back into Pete's room. Without even looking at me, she swept her clothes up off the floor.

- "Are you ok?" I asked.

- "Assholes!" she shouted.

The two girls were dressed and gone five minutes later. Shevaun slammed the door behind her.

- "What just happened?" I asked Rob.

- "Aww, nothing. Shevaun just walked in Maureen on me, and wanted to trade. She wanted a piece of the Rob."

Yeah, he talked about himself in a weird sort of third-person, sometimes.

- "And?"

- "And what? I said: 'Nah, I'm good', and then she flipped out."

- "What? Why would you do that?"

- "What's your problem?"

- "My problem?" I said. "First of all, you just rejected the poor girl in front of her friend. Couldn't you let her down easy?"

"Or why not trade? Maybe I would have enjoyed a shot with Maureen. We switched in Myrtle Beach."

- "Nah, man. This was different. I'm not into freckles." he said. "You may like them, but I don't."

- "I'm not into freckles, either." I said. "But that's the whole point: I took one for the team."

- "We passed by your room while she was sucking your cock." he said. "Sure looked like you were enjoying yourself."

- "I was. But it was pleasant surprise. I didn't expect to. But I would have done her even if she was ugly, so you'd have a shot at Maureen. Because that's what a wingman does."

Ro shrugged. "So you enjoyed yourself. I don't see the problem."

He really didn't. I was thinking about it the next day, as I did the laundry, and cleaned up. Apparently, I was Rob's wingman - but he wasn't mine.

***Round 3

This one turned into a disaster.

It started out fine. Rob invited me to the opening of a brand-new club. Somehow, he had scored a pair of exclusive invites. Not my scene, of course, but I couldn't complain about the women. It was a visual feast everywhere I looked.

Rob found two blondes. Mia had that classic East European look, with the corn-coloured hair, blue eyes, and high cheekbones. Chloe was a bleached blonde with tits threatening to fall out of the top of her dress.

We danced with them for a bit - well, if you count grinding your cock into her ass while she swings her hips back and forth as dancing. The place was so packed, we were pressed up against them whether we liked it or not.

The girls certainly had no complaint. Mia grabbed two handfuls of my ass to pull me closer, as we swayed together. Chloe seemed to be already slurping at Rob's tongue.

I don't know he did it. He must have had some kind of radar, or some innate ability to hone in on the most sexually aggressive chicks in the place. I couldn't remember meeting such aggressive girls back home. Well, Cyn, I suppose.

I couldn't hear much, but Rob convinced the girls that we should move the party to their place. We headed out, and found a taxi. The groping and snuggling got even more advanced in the back of the cab.

The trouble started when we got to the elevator in their apartment building. Mia was leaning against me, and Chloe was talking a mile a minute, but not making much sense.

She managed to find the keys to their place, but then dropped them on the floor. Rob picked them up, and let us in.

By that point, I was practically

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