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Sexually charged office atmosphere.

I didn't want to appear anxious. I was terrified actually but I didn't know how many more buttons I could afford to lose. I only had three left. "Nice," shwe said finally, smoothing the shirt back into place and copping a bit of a feel in the process. "Both cuff buttons and we'll call it even."

I got caught. For the second time in the same night. I rounded the corner of the shop, looking ahead at the stretch of tarmac I had to cross and I walked right into a female customer unwrapping the plastic from a cigarette pack. She knew I wasn't wearing pants. Her eyes widened and she dropped the cigarette pack. But she was too shocked to say or do anything. I walked very quickly across to the car and jumped in. Simone already had us underway, chuckling.

It was only four or five blocks this time. Down two back alleys and across one main intersection before slipping down another back alley to the rear of a restaurant-bar. "I don't know," Simone had said, when I asked what happens if I run out of buttons. "I didn't expect them to add the wrinkle of the question."

This time I recognized the vehicle. It was the SUV from earlier and the blonde driver. She made me get into the passenger seat, pop off the one button for her then undo the other two and sit with the shirt wide open and butt turned sideways on the seat for a good old fashioned blatent ogling. She made me very nervous and I was extremely hard, having trouble not wriggling about on the seat. I decided I should be grateful she had parked under a streetlight instead of turning on the dome light.

Maybe the thought transmitted itself because she reached up and bathed the entire interior in bright light. The thing about being inside a lit vehicle or room is you can't see outside the space you're in. So there could be anyone or any number of people out there and I had no way of knowing. It was a thought I was trying to resist having...and she was dealing two hands of cards.

"Straight stud poker," she said, winking, "pun intended." When the last card hit the console between us, she said, "what do you have? Besides a superb erection of course."

Nothing. 10 high. I showed her.

"Too bad. Pair of Jacks. You keep your ten and I'll take one of the remaining buttons." She was pulling on her seatbelt. "And I just won the right to chauffeur you for a while. Don't worry, Simone won't be far behind. Do up your seatbelt please."

It was a frightening journey. Way too fast. Fear causing adrenalin to course. Acrid taste in my mouth and erection at full flag and then some. We pulled over at a corner and a woman hopped in the rear seat. "Hi, Emily," the new arrival reached over and shook my hand, and craned over for a good look, "nice". The SUV swayed wildly and Emily popped back upright, laughing, "I get it. If the cops stop us, so be it."

My stomach did a flip at the thought.

"Button." Evidently she was repeating herself. "I don't know...great cock, deaf as a post. Is it biological do you think that's good cocks and hearing are mutually exclusive?" She accepted the button, my last button, and flipped over the top card in the deck which had been used for our hand of Stud. "Suit?"

Clubs sprang to mind.

"Nope. Shirt please."

So that was it. Decision made by Emily. Result: stark naked, in a car with two women I didn't know and likely to be pulled over by the cops at any moment.

"Double or nothing?"

"Emily," the driver said, "He has nothing."

"Not true. I'd settle for a lock of hair. Never mind." There was a rush of cold air and my shirt went ghosting out the rear drivers side window. That was that. Not a stitch left anywhere. Emily leaned over the seat again and said, "Put your hands atop your head. Both hands."

When I did she used her hands to trap my wrists, pulling back until she had all the leverage.

Stark naked .