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"Were you jealous when you watched her fuck him?"

"You know Princess, that's the strangest part of all. I was afraid I might be but I wasn't. I was even glad she was having a good time. She did the same things she had done with Bill but I felt no jealousy at all. When she fucked Bill my jealousy just drove me crazy. He was ugly and she couldn't leave him alone. But with Marc my only emotion was fear that she would get hooked again. And that fear got worse the more fun she had. That's when my dick got soft."

"You wanna fuck me?" Said Princess.

"Not especially," I said. "I'm kinda upset now. No offence intended."

"None taken, But we gotta fuck to make your wife happy. She promised me anything I wanted if I fucked you. And I already know what my anything is."

Princess started laughing. "Wanna know what my anything is?"

What the hell was in this horny broad's head I wondered. "Yeah, tell me," I said with a chuckle.

"Gene's heading out tomorrow for Saudi. He's gonna be gone a week. I'm gonna tell Lynn that you gotta move in with me for a week, just to make sure that damn thing's still working right."

As she said it she reached over and squeezed my pecker. It felt good. I laughed.

"Lynn will be pissed if I move in with you."

"I know she will, but she said I could have anything I wanted and I want you for a week."

She was taking her clothes off as she said it. She undressed slowly. She gave me views of those wonderful, big, creamy white breasts, with that sexy sag of maturity she knew I liked. I looked at the lovely white triangles on her ass and the rich bronze tan of her belly and legs. She left her shoes on till last and did a little turn to show off her legs when she was naked. She had really great legs. My dick noticed.

Princess laid down next to me snuggling her warm soft body close. "You remember the first time you fucked me?"

"I remember. You faked your orgasm."

We both laughed.

"That's because the guys I'd been fuckin from the club expected porn queen orgasms."

"You remember telling Lynn about my blowjobs?" Princess asked.

"I do and she was pissed that I liked the way you sucked me off. I told her you didn't give head -- it was more like you gave tongue."

Princess laughed again. "Lynn and I talked about that. She said you kidded her about practicing on a bratwurst so she could learn to give BJs as good as me."

"Yeah, Princess I remember. Those were great times."

"You remember the first time you made me come?"

"I sure as hell do! I worked my ass off trying to understand how you liked to get fucked. That was not easy to do."

"Well that was my fault, you know," she said. "I'd been faking it so much with those guys at the club that it was hard to fuck lovingly. But when you fucked me so gentle you had me hooked. God you were good!"

"So were you Princess."

"Remember what Lynn said when I told her I knew how she liked to fuck?" Princess asked.

"Yeah. That was funny. She asked if I had told you how and when you said no, she couldn't figure out how you knew," I said laughing.

"Remember you told her you were fucking me and thinking about her and she got pissed?" Princess asked.

She had me laughing now. Then Princess imitated my voice. "Would you rather I was fucking you and thinking about her?"

We both laughed together and I felt Princess stroking my cock. I was getting hard. She spread those lovely legs, pulled me between them, and slipped my cock into a very wet pussy.

"You know how I like it baby. Do me gentle like you always do to bring me off."

I did her gentle.