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Bound captive's teasing interrogation continues.

And as I sucked this stranger's cock, I wanted to make him come, I wanted to give him the best blow job ever.

Mrs. Madison ordered, "When you're about to come, I want you to pull out and shoot your load in her mouth. And Rebecca, I want you to catch it all in your mouth, but don't swallow it."

"Yes, ma'am," the guy groaned, his accent very strong and yet very polite, which I thought was, for some reason, funny.

I bobbed for what seemed like an eternity, before he finally pulled out.

I opened wide and watched his cock.

He pumped furiously and I just kept my mouth open and waiting.

Then he came.

The cum shot out like a cannon and hit directly in my mouth. I just sat there, being used for target practice and focusing on catching it all and not swallowing.

Once he was done, four ropes landing in my mouth, Mrs. Madison ordered, "Now savour it, Rebecca. Move it around in your mouth as if you were using mouth wash."

I obeyed.

This time I could taste the saltiness of it.

This time I could taste the odd, slimy texture.

"Don't swallow yet," she ordered.

I kept swishing it around my mouth until there was almost no taste. Like when I was three and refused to swallow my pork chops (God, I hated pork chops) for an hour after dinner.

"Now swallow it," she ordered.

I did.

"Did you enjoy the taste?" she asked.

"It's not pussy," I answered.

"Yes, male cum is more of an acquired taste," she shrugged.

"It's not bad though," I added, as I moved to the third cock.

"No, it's not bad," she agreed.

I swallowed the third and fourth load.

I jerked off the fifth load and caught it all in my hands and then had to lick it all up.

The next two I was ordered to do at once. I stroked one, while I sucked on the other.

Mrs. Madison said, "Sometimes, we have to be able to multitask."

I couldn't help but laugh at the statement.

"We have three holes and sometimes we need to use all three to get what we want," she continued.

That I couldn't fathom.

Maybe one in my pussy and another in my mouth. But the thought of a cock in my ass didn't seem right. The thought of somehow having one in my pussy and ass at the same time seemed physically impossible. I couldn't even begin to fathom the logistics of it.

"And a real multitasker can even use one or both her hands to please five men at once," Mrs. Madison added.

I kept going back and forth between the two cocks, and even considering reaching for the last cock. Yet, I didn't as that was not what I was told to do.

"Can you imagine what your classmates would say if they saw you now, Rebecca?" Mrs. Madison asked, as I deep throated a six inch cock.

I laughed, as I shifted to the other one, "They would likely keel over in shock."

"Or give you their cock," she joked, before laughing, "I'm a poet and I didn't even know it."

I bobbed back and forth for a few more minutes before Mrs. Madison ordered, "Time for your facial, my pet. Boys, stroke your cocks and cum all over my pretty pet."

I was now staring at two cocks aimed directly at me.

"Close your eyes, my pet," she ordered. "Trust me, you don't want cum in your eyes. It stings, it makes your eyes bloodshot and is evidence of your sin."

"Yes, Mistress," I obeyed, closing my eyes, even though I was enjoying watching the two boys furiously stroke their hard cocks.

It was another thirty seconds, give or take, when I felt the surprisingly warm cum splatter my face. It kept coming and coming as if my face was the canvas to some very strange cum art.

I also felt, by the end, like a fire hose had sprayed my face.

Mindlessly, I reached up and found both cocks and stroked them slowly, even as I kept my eyes closed.

"You look absolutely hot with cum on your face," Mrs. Madison said.

I said, as I felt it dripping off my chin, "I feel like a slut."

"We are all sluts. Whether it is sexual by pleasing others or submissive by following the expectations of society, we are all sluts."

"I guess," I sai

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