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He takes Kat further from Alexei's evil reach.

Beginners should be able to keep up, but veterans shouldn't be bored."

I can't do anything. I can't interrupt or tell everyone this is a scam or Maria is dangerous. Instead, I do yoga. I learn a lot. It's more about breathing and awareness than it is about being flexible or strong. I kind of like it. My favorite part is the music Maria chose. It's not monk chanting like I thought it would be. It's simple electronic with gentle beats. It doesn't make me want to get up and dance, but it makes me want to close my eyes and relax. And fuck. But lately, everything makes me want to fuck. Besides a new favorite genre of music, I learn I have terrible balance. I learn that my abs suck. Also, forward folds are not my strength, so I spend most of that time watching Sandra forward fold in front of me.

Throughout the routine, there isn't much suspicious activity from Maria. She emphasizes us paying attention to our breathing. We have to breathe in through our nose as far as we can, ideally for ten seconds, and then breathe out through our mouths as long as we can, ideally for eight seconds. She asks us to envision the breath traveling through our bodies to ideal destinations. If my abs hurt, I should envision the breath leaving my lungs and traveling to my abs. It actually helps. She spends a lot of time on breathing with us, but nothing about all of us bowing our will and tongues to serve her body.

The whole thing is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It's like my body is waking up to itself and my mind is falling asleep. All the stresses of life flood out of me and instead I become more and more aware of my body and my breathing. I'm more aware of the soreness in my wrists when we do planks or table or downward dog. I'm more aware of my heavy breathing as we transition between the different warrior poses and plank over and over. I'm more aware of the dampness in my panties. My pussy is slick and only aching for more. I'm more aware of Sandra's body. I notice the smell in the room that can't just be my lust. It must be Sandra and her lust building as well. Each of us have hungry and energetic bodies with heavy and thick minds, following each pose Maria gives us.

As we reach the end of the hour, Maria starts to talk more and more. She's no longer talking about breathing or visualization, but leading us down some type of manifesto about one of the poses.

"A lot of people don't do downward dog correctly. Some people obsess over getting their heels on the ground. Other people try to go on their toes. The focus of the position is the hips. More important than straight legs or anything else, is the proper fold in the hips. Try to find a place where you feel the stretch in your hips and not your back or legs. Then settle into that place. It should feel comfortable there. This is a rest position. I'm going to come around and help each of you individually. If you don't want to be touched, just tell me, and I'll pass you. But once you feel the proper pose, it'll change downward dog for you forever."

Downward dog is your hands and feet on the mat, but your body is making almost a triangle with the floor. You bend at the waist at an angle and distribute the weight from there. I personally can't straighten my legs or put my heels on the floor, and the pain in my wrist is almost unbearable. While I hold in this personal hell of a pose (there is no way this is a rest pose), Maria goes around the studio and directs other people on what position they should be in. She walks from behind them and resets their position in the hips or feet or hands, adjusting how far apart the legs are from each other or how far apart the hands are from the feet.

She comes to me before she comes to Sandra. She approaches from behind and says loud enough so my neighbors can hear, "do you mind if I touch you to help?" I do mind, but don't want to start a scene or warn Sandra to anything strange. I'm not sure what Reyna considers interfering with Maria, but I'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the Spanish psychopath.