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Voluntary servitude.

She has closed a little but she is still gaping and I could almost cum from the sight of it.

As she feels my cock she pushes back and swallows almost half. I don't have a huge cock but it is still a nice size and have to say something about it to her.

"You have done this, you little slut haven't you." I say as I push more of my cock into her.


"Why did we wait so long to get this nasty? I knew you were a prime pussy eater and a good fuck but I had to get my freak on with all kinds of low life's when we could be doing all the freaky shit, oh fuck you cock feels good in my ass. Push it all in. I want to feel your balls on my puss." She moans.

I am wondering just that myself. We always had good sex, mostly oral but this was way wilder than we had ever gotten, unless you figure in the day we sucked a bunch of cock in the woods together!

I love seeing my cock stretching an ass hole and am enjoying looking at Carols.

"Are we gonna fuck or just enjoy the view?" She asks.

She is really getting into the nastiness of this and I love the new her. Our sex was great but we are moving farther into the dark side.

I grab her hips and start rolling my mine working my cock in and out of her tight little hole. I take my sloppy hand and run it over her back spreading the mess. I then use both hands to massage in the slop while I continue fucking her. She reaches forward to grab the edge of the mattress and arches her back. This opens her ass some and I feel like I am deeper in her.

I lean forward to lick her neck and kiss and bite on it. We are sliding around spreading the lube everywhere. I have her by the shoulders and am rocking her back into me as she rocks forward making it even nastier as we build up a good rhythm. As we are stretched out I tell her how close I am and ask if she can reach her clit to get herself off.

She replies and tells me that she has cum from anal but not without some stimulation to her clit but she thinks today is the day.

She surprises me by asking: "Did you cum when the boys fucked you?"

"Yea and it was so fucking hot I could cum just thinking about it!" I tell her.

"Faster, give that cock to me and suck on my neck." She pants.

We are in almost full body contact and I am slamming onto her by rocking my hips. I can feel her wet cunt leaking on my balls as I say to her: "I hope you are close baby 'cause I am about to cum. Your ass feels so fucking good. Come on cum with me, cum with me."

As I feel her body shake I shoot my hot load into her. Faster and faster I fuck her as she screams loud enough to break glass. After the first four pulses I push deep into her and dump the rest of my cum. I am as deep into her as possible when I am shocked to feel something hot hit my balls and know she must be pissing on me and I hoot even more cum into her.

I quit sucking her neck and ask: "Did you just piss on me?"

"I don't think so, my bladder still feels full, I think I just squirted for the first fucking time!" she sighs.

I try to pull my cock out of her and she grabs a hip and says: "Slowly fucker, nice and slow."

As I pull back enough to see I am again shocked to see how wet the bed is. As she rolls onto her back, still with her legs spread wide I lean forward and lick the wetness. It is now her turn to be shocked as in taste the mixture.

"Hum, lube, glad it was flavored, cum, probably from your half assed lovers, maybe some sweat, something new that's pretty tasty, but no piss. I think you did squirt you nasty fucking pervert!" I laugh at her and lean forward to lick some up.

As I lean forward to kiss her and give her a taste my semi hard cock points at her open cunt hole. Not thinking about where it has been I try to stick it into her when she squirms away and says: "I'm the nasty fucker, you are sucking up Gawd knows what and then you try to stick that nasty dick in my sweet little puss. Spread your legs and let me wash that fucker off before it goes anywhere my little girl.

As I lay back on my elbows and spread my legs she kneels between them, forcing them even wider apa