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She said I ought to know that from now on it wasn't certain that she would make her choice and choose me without getting to know him better so she could do a fair comparison between us. She just might begin dating him seriously after our divorce was final and prefer him if she found him better than me. Obviously I had neglected her for too long a time. I promised Monica to tell her anything new about Chris and me.

My friend had arranged a great New Year party for eight couples. Chris was nicely dressed in a new short black dress I had never seen before, and her hairdresser had done a great job with her hair. She had a very sexy appeal without been sluttish in any way. She was great, indeed. I noted several times that she had some kind of "Mona Lisa" smile on her face when she looked at me. Just like she was thinking, "Now or never."

Of course, Monica's message to me could be an invention of the girl gang to help Chris get me back but I wasn't sure about that. I regarded the possibility that Monica had told me the truth as at least a fifty percent chance and if I wanted to do something to get even with Chris I had to believe what she had told me and do it here and now.

I was dancing with Chris most of the evening, even when the dance got interrupted for the count down to the New Year. We stood close to each other and as all other couples, even Chris and I kissed. She looked surprised at first but then she hugged me hard and we kissed more intensively than in many years. Of course I got a real hard on and when Chris felt it, she got that strange smile on her face again and whispered in my ear, "I think you need to end this evening with service from a real slut."

I regarded her joke as an invitation and replied, "Do you know some one you can suggest?"


"Do you think it is okay with her?"


"Any conditions?"

"Not from me."

"We can't leave before the nightcap, can we?"

"We? Why should I come with you to her? But you can't leave before the night cap."

I felt how I froze to a statue. Obviously I had completely misunderstood her. I believed that she had been joking about herself as a slut and now my head was a bit slow after all the drinks so I couldn't find anything to say in several seconds.

Then I looked her straight in her eyes and said, "Sorry for joking with you. I would never go to any slut because I'm married to the loveliest woman in the world and would never cheat on her. She is the only woman I ever want."

Now she got that Mona Lisa smile again and said, "So you would prefer to go home and make love to your abandoned wife instead of going to my young horny fellow worker who used to say she wants you any time you wish?"

I continued to look in her eyes and asked her, "Christine, can't we let this new year be a new start in our marriage?"

"No, Ralf, I regret to say that we need to have a serious talk before we can decide anything about the future. But tonight I want to be your slut and help you get rid of that problem in your pants. I'm sure that we can work out an acceptable solution at least to that."

We left the party when it closed about three o'clock in the morning. Back home we didn't waste any time but went straight to the master bedroom. Standing on the floor I took off her dress, bra and panties but let her keep her stockings and high heels. I hadn't seen her naked since I saw her in the doctor's bed and got horny as hell. She must have felt the same way since she undressed me in a few seconds. We didn't waste any time with foreplay but went straight to the bed where both of us had an intensive orgasm within less than a minute. After kissing for a few minutes, she sucked me hard so we could get involved in longer lasting lovemaking, which turned out to be the most intensive sex since the first time we did it after she had invited me for dinner in her small apartment. When even that had reached the climax, she began to cry and sobbed that she had missed me so much since we had sex more than six months ago.

The next morning Chris suggested that we take a walk