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He looked at the plate. "Could you cook them at least? Maybe add a little salt?"

"Yes, that I can do."

"Thanks, maybe some ketchup too?" He smiled sweetly up at her.

"No ketchup. Be right back. Oh by the way, if you use the hair spray, you will completely remove the stain," she said just as sweetly before scooping up the plate and going back downstairs.

His face darkened again as she walked down stairs and thought to himself. ~First chance I get I'm going to McDonalds...~ Picking out the hairspray he sprayed some on what left and started scrubbing again.

While the food was cooking, Kisha placed some phone calls. She'd had previously a sub that was overweight and that particular sub had been great at sneaking off and getting fast food. She decided an ounce of prevention would go a long way and knew that it would be worth it once Jason slimmed down some.

He finished scrubbing and tossed the hairspray back where he found it. "Well...once I find some money I will...till then I'll just have to force down that rabbit food and hope I don't vomit over the carpet...I'll probably have to clean it up again."

She removed the now steamed vegetables, added some salt and headed back upstairs. She handed him the plate and fork.

Jason very reluctantly took the plate and even more reluctantly physically forced himself to eat it, his face beginning to turn almost as green as the celery.

"Breathe," She instructed. "The food is not out to get you, you know," she told him.

He took deep breaths and shivered hard. "Oh-My-God, that...was so very disgusting."

"You will sing a different tune in a month." She took the plate and fork. "Now, you have some wallpaper to repair. The supplies and instructions are in that room. You have two hours to finish it and then you can have a break."

He groaned softly as he stood up. "Can't I just paint it? It'll look better that way..."

"You will do as I say or you can go without food. Your choice."

His shoulders slumped and sighed once more. "Alright, alright, am going. Sheesh." Passing her, his steps were heavy on the floor, the expensive boards creak under his weight.

Kisha stepped into one of the other rooms and emerged a few minutes later with a riding crop. She walked quietly up behind the muttering Jason and rearing back she brought the riding crop hard down on his ass.

He screamed and jumped, clutching his burning ass after the crop struck with a loud crack. Turning, his eyes blazing, he roared. "What the hell was that for?!?"

"You forgot to say, 'yes mistress.' I told you three times was the limit," She said evenly as she stared him in the eyes.

He glared dagger at her. "Ever heard of simply verbally reminding me?" Once more he 'forgot' to say Mistress, a slight hint of smirk at the corners of his mouth.

"Some men," she said softly and then with a lightning fast move, hit him with the riding crop again, this time getting his leg.

"You will say "yes mistress," or "no mistress" when answering me. Do you understand, Jason?"

He cried out again and clutched his thigh. "Dammit!" Glaring he muttered. "...yes mistress." If she looked down a bit she would see his pants had begun to tent.

Kisha could feel his lust starting to rise. She knew he would be one who liked pain as much as the pleasure. She took the crop and used it to push his chin up. "You will look at me when you say 'yes mistress' or 'no mistress' that way I know you truly understand."

He looked into her eyes, his own dancing with arousal, his voice soft, almost quivering. "Yes Mistress."

"Now, be a good boy and finish this new job and you will be able to rest and get a reward."

He bit his bottom lip and let his eyes flick down Kisha' breasts a split second before replying. "Yes mistress."

"This will be your only warning but you may not look at my body without asking permission first. Failure to remember this warning will result in more hits from my riding crop."

His eyes widened a fra

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