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Madison's punishment continues.

You really haven't told me much at all about her," I inquired.

"Well, she's very pretty. You know the actress Gabrielle Union? She was in that Will Smith cop movie Bad Boys?" Meagan inquired.

"I don't watch many cop movies," I shot back as Meagan went on.

"Well she resembles her. Whitney's got long brown hairs, about your length and she's a tad taller than me and gorgeous. You'll really like her. You guys remind me of each other!" she exclaimed.

"How's that?" I asked back

"Both of you playing so hard to get! Little straight girls that had to go kicking and screaming but now can't seem to get enough," she scoffed.

"Whitney was straight?" I inquired,

"That's not the word for it," Meagan countered, "She was a major project. She had a boyfriend when we first started hanging out. They'd been seeing each other for a while... and I was her first woman. So, it took a little while to get in her pants."

Meagan's matter of fact response was something. She took a few sips of her coffee and seeing I was dying to hear more continued.

"Whitney was in one of my classes. A psych class which met in the morning. She sat a couple of rows over and I think I noticed her the first day. She was so cute. It was one day when I was playing tennis though that did it for me. I was getting ready for a match and was in the dressing room when Whitney came around the corner from the showers.

"She had a big fluffy towel wrapped around her body and tucked just over her beautiful breasts. She stopped at a locker on my row, opened it, and pulled out the garments inside. She didn't look to see I was staring at her every move as she dropped the towel exposing her bronzed body to me. Her skin is a dark caramel and just sent me over the edge," Meagan almost cooed as she told her story.

"Nice tan huh?" I responded.

"No silly. Whitney's black," she responded.

The statement shook me a bit. I've never been the least bit prejudice but I had always envisioned Meagan's lesbian lover as white. The thoughts were swirling in my head as Meagan continued.

"I couldn't take my eyes off her. She has caramel color skin and the bottom of her feet and the tips of her fingers were a contrasting pink. When she turned just a little, I saw her breasts capped off with two dark nipples. They're big, much bigger than mine, yours too," she added looking at my breast concealed under my t-shirt. As I looked down, I saw that my nipples had hardened under the top revealing my excitement.

"I watched as she slid a pair of black bikini panties on and fastened a matching bra, covering her lovely breasts. I'm not sure she ever noticed me looking but I couldn't get the images out of my head. In fact, I lost that match, in big part because of my concentration. All I could think about was getting between her thighs and sucking on that pretty little clit of hers. I wanted her. It was like I was possessed."

"In the days after that, I couldn't help but stare across the room at her when she came in class. I would see her on campus, sometimes with her boyfriend as they walked to class or lay out on the grounds reading and studying together," Meagan continued.

"I went out of my way to try to bump into her. Not literally mind you, but always exchanging smiles and small talk when we passed in the hall or leaving class. Then one night I noticed her in the library. She tended to be there a couple of nights each week just after dinner. Sitting on a sofa in the reading area. So I casually walked up one night and asked to join her. That became a common occurrence as we would meet there and I began to find out more about her."

"She's from Alabama, with a couple of older sisters and a brother and the boyfriend's name was Ranard. They had been dating off and on since high school. We spent a handful of evenings at the library together, exchanging small talk, when one night I got up the nerve to try to make a move."

"Whitney had slipped off her shoes and was seated on the couch with her feet propped up on the table.