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Dominant female student continues affair with male teacher.

"Ok," Hea began. "Soon Ree far-row me home. When I go in house I begin taking clothes off. It not take rong, only have dress on. Soon Ree come in and take clothes off too. She very pretty. Brack hair very rong. Go arr way down to...ass. You see her before, you know.

I did know Soon Lee and even though I thought Hea was the most beautiful woman I knew, Soon Lee was just as magnificent. Soon was at least five inches taller with a Barbie doll body and despite myself I lusted after her in my mind.

I get glasses from shelf and Soon Ree pour wine.

I see her pussy have no hair. It rook rike babby gir-rel down there. She see me rooking.

"You like my naked cunt?"

I say. "I never see grown woman with naked cunt before. You shave cunt rike reggs and under arms?"

"Yes, do you like?"

"Don't know. Rook very dif-rent. Why you make cunt naked?"

"My husband likes me shaved. No hair anywhere except head.

Soon pour more wine. I squat down and look very close at Soon Ree's cunt.

"It very pretty cunt." I say. "I shave cunt if husband want, but he no ask."

At that moment Hea turned to me. "You want me shave cunt husband?"

I had never really thought about it. We're talking late sixties early seventies and snatch shaving wasn't in vogue, but the thought made my dick tingle a little bit.

I shrugged. "I love you just the way you are, but if you would like to shave your pussy I think it would be hot, but it's up to you."

She looked at me for a second longer, then she continued her story.

"So, Soon Ree sitting in chair and I rooking at her shaved cunt very close. So close I smell her pussy. Soon look down at me and ask."

"You like girls Hea?"

"I like everybody." I say. "Everybody except old master sergeant Hester."

Soon Ree laughed. "No, I meant, do you like to have sex with girls?"

I sit back and blink. "Don't know, never have sex with ger-rel. You rike have sex with ger-rel?"

"Yes, very much."

"How do ger-rel have sex with ger-rel when ger-rel have no cock?"

I was surprised at my wife hadn't at least been exposed to lesbian sex being a sex worker herself, but when I thought about it, in her world, sex began at an early age and men were the dominate partner around a military base, so female on female sex had never been something she had been exposed to. I pushed this thought from my head and continued to listen to my wife's tale of the past weekend.

Soon Ree raff at me, she stand, take my hand and say. "I show you.". She take to our bedroom. She put me on bed. She put face be-tween regs and eat pussy. It feel very good, she not good eating pussy as you my husband. She only make cum onry one tine.

After I cum she push me be-tween her regs and tell me eat her. It nice to eat pussy. I rike taste very much, not rike man cum, but very good too. I rike dick better for fucking, you better pussy eater than Soon Ree.

We take shower gether. It very strange putting hands on tits that not mine. Putting fingers in pussy is fun. Soon Ree say next time she show me fisting. I not know what fisting is, but she say I rike it.

We finish wine, fee-ring very good when Green and Tomkins back our house. They very happy to see Soon Ree naked in house with me. Soon Lee ask if they can fuck her too.

They say yes and take us to bed, Green fuckee me, Tomkins fuckee Soon Ree, then switch. Then fuck back door. Soon Ree like ass fuckee even more than me.

Green know you come home next day afternoon. So both stay night, take turn fuckee Soon and me. Soon have to go er-ry in morning, so when she reeve, Green ray on back fuck up in pussy, I get su-prise when Thompkins get behind and fuck back door same time.

I in fuckee heaven husband. I never do before. I cum and cum many many tines. I rear-ry rike cock in pussy and ass same tine. Now I thinking not invite Soon Ree over if onry have two dick to fuck.

Hearing about the double fuck had my dick standing tall and Hea p