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This went on for several minutes and I treated myself each time I looked up seeing most of her breasts on display.

The waiter must have been waiting for an opportunity for suddenly he appeared from the side and asked if we desired dessert. Dawn had been leaning forward on her elbows her hands were clasped with her chin resting on them. Hearing him she kept her hands to her chin and leaned back. Dawn must have thought this would cause the blouse to come back against her and not put her tits on display. However, to my delight and surprise, the way her shoulders rotated back it actually caused the blouse to fall away from her chest a few inches.

Unbeknownst to my wife she was exposing both breasts to a complete stranger. From my position I could not see down her top but from the way the waiter's eyes grew I knew he was seeing most if not all of my wife's perfect breasts. What a lucky guy. And what a lucky guy I was! Finally I had seen my wife expose her breasts to another man. Breasts that had never been seen by another man.

Surely the waiter liked what he saw. A small smile appeared on his handsome young face as he awaited our response. His eyes never left her exposed chest. All this time Dawn had been focused on the remodeling project. Something must have clicked for she suddenly looked down and realized she was showing herself to this young stranger. She quickly dropped her elbows and sat straight in her chair. This ended the show by causing the blouse and jacket to rest against her chest. Alas, show time was over.

A red flush began to color Dawn's cheeks and I knew we needed to leave immediately for her sake. Dawn was embarrassed and had to get out. I hurriedly signed the bill and even over tipped the waiter. We exited the restaurant and Dawn wanted to go back to our room. Fearing the adventure would end if we did so I convinced her to sit down in a quiet area of the lobby. We found two big comfortable wingback chairs facing each other and talked in low tones.

Dawn was shocked another man had seen her so openly exposed. I asked how much he had seen. My wife shyly said she thought he had seen most of her breasts. In reply to my query as to if he saw all of them she hesitated before answering that she thought not quite all. I thought differently though and hoped he had seen them completely. I even expressed that wish to her.

Dawn's response was of shock. "You wanted him to see my breasts?" she gasped. "Yes," I calmly replied. "As I have said before, I love your body and am very, very proud of you. I can't tell you how much of a turn on it was for me thinking he might be glimpsing your perfect breasts."
She looked confused as she said, " really want men, strangers to see my breasts? Dressing sexy isn't enough for you?" Thinking quick, afraid of losing what progress had been made, I replied, "Hon, we are in a strange city. No one knows us here. We can do what we want and not worry about the consequences. So what if the waiter saw a little flesh. It probably was no more than a sexy bikini would have shown, right?" I knew what I thought he had seen was more, but I needed to relieve my wife's mind.

Dawn considered my words and finally convinced herself what little she thought she had shown was okay. My comments about a bikini I think helped. Though she had never worn one I had badgered her over the years to get one and Dawn knew I thought she would look great in one.

I emphasized the point by asking her to lean forward for me again. Dawn looked to see no one would pass near and slowly leaned forward. When she leaned far enough for me to see most of her breast mounds but not the nips I stopped her and asked her to look down at herself. Dawn did so and she could clearly see what I meant. Yes, a fair portion of her smooth breasts were in sight but not all of them. Her nips were tucked into the blouse material even the aureoles were hidden. Fortunately she had stopped when I told her to so all of her breasts were not on display.