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Jason entertains dad's girlfriend while dad's at work.

Maybe we can get together one day and you can show me around."

Before she could answer, Frank interrupted.

"Oh Tony, I see you met my wife, Carol."

"You know him?" Carol asked her husband.

"I met Frank a couple of days ago when I arrived."

"Yes, he's friends with one of the neighbors. Got lost and he needed some help finding the house." Frank explained.

"That would be true.", Tony laughed, "I was just asking your charming wife if one day she would take pity on this country bumpkin and show me around."

"That's a wonderful idea. Carol can show you around this Saturday."

Carol shot him a withering glare, hating when he volunteers her for things. But, then again, she wouldn't mind hanging out with Tony.

"Do you mind, Carrie?" Tony asked.

"Oh, I see she's already got you calling her Carrie." Frank laughed dryly, "Only someone like her would like for people to call her such a dreadful name." he commented, walking in the house. Carol looked away, her expression a combination of embarrassment and rage. Looking over her shoulder, making sure that Frank was nowhere in sight, Tony gently took Carol's face in his hand, kissing her softly on the lips.

"I happen to like Carrie, besides, Carol is a name that only old men like." he whispered.

Carol's mouth dropped open. Never has a man ever taken such liberties with her before. She couldn't believe that she didn't stop him. She was so starved for real affection that she would take whatever she could get.

"I'll be here bright and early Saturday. Make sure you get plenty of rest." he said, as he walked across the street, leaving a shocked Carol standing there.

Walking back into the house, her fingers lingering on her lips. She could smell the musky scent of her arousal swirling around her. Slipping her hand underneath her skirt, she felt the moisture seeping through her cotton panties.

'Hmm, I wonder if ole Frank will give me some?' she thought to herself. Tiptoeing to the study, she stood outside the door, hearing Frank talking on the phone. She was getting ready to knock on the door when she heard the nature of the conversation.

"Of course she's not coming. You know how my darling wife can't stand my friends. Which works out perfectly for me. Yes honey, I miss you too. I know, I know love, I can't wait till I'm chin deep in your delicious pussy. Oh honey, I have been dreaming about your hot mouth around my dick for the last few days. Let me get off the phone, you know how nosey my darling wife is. And I can't afford for her to find out about us. Yes, I love you to Trish."

'Son-of-a-bitch!' Carol crept from the hallway and ran to the bathroom, where she promptly vomited. She couldn't believe that Frank was cheating on her! Knowing how she felt about infidelity. She continued to throw up until her stomach was empty, leaving her with dry heaves.

"Carol, are you okay?" Frank asked, gently tapping on the door.

"I'm fine, just a little sick to my stomach."

"I told you those cigarettes were bad for you." he said. She could here him walking down the hallway. Washing her face and brushing her teeth, her mind going a mile a minute.

'Fuck him. I don't need him.' she thought to herself. She knew that right now she couldn't prove anything and that if she left, she'd be penniless. No way was he going to get off this easy. But she needed time to plan. She knew that Frank and Trish would be getting together on Saturday, that left her the rest of the week to plan. Suddenly the idea popped in her mind. If she left the house on false pretense, he would feel secure enough to invite the bitch over. She read about NannyCams over the internet and knew that she could get them installed with little to no suspicion from Frank. He was usually gone early in the day and didn't come home till late in the evening.

'Paybacks are a bitch, now so am I.'

Carol stood outside, watering her lawn.