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Nephew takes control of Aunt Betty.

She sucked my cock head some more. I know I was dribbling precum like mad at that point. Removing her lips from me, Karen informed us both, "God it tastes so good. Salty but very good." She gently placed her hand at the back of Sis's head. "Here. See for yourself," she said, moving Sis's face close to my cock.

Caught up in everything, I was shocked to notice that I now had my hand on Sis's butt, softly rubbing it. "What the hell are you doing?" I mentally asked. I chided myself, "This is your sister!" but I couldn't help it. My hand continued rubbing.

Sis very slowly closed her lips around my cock head. She started sucking.

Karen saw this, and corrected her. "Don't suck. Just move your mouth up and down on it," she commanded gently.

"Fuck! FUCK! FUCK! This felt like nothing I'd ever done before. Sure, I'd had quickie blow jobs from inexperienced, shy girls before. But there was just something about the care they were putting into this that drove me crazy.

"Are you close to cumming, Bob?" Karen asked, eyeing my expression.

"Very close," I choked out.

Hearing my words, and the tone of my voice, Karen pushed Sis away and said to me, "Just let it go, Bob. Don't stop!"

Sis moved up close to my ear and whispered, "It's OK, Bob. Nobody will ever know about this."

Thankfully, I kissed her deeply as the first spasms of cum left me, jetting into Karen's mouth. Karen was holding my hips tightly and planted her mouth even deeper on my cock, swallowing my cum.

When I stopped spurting, Karen slipped her lips firmly up my cock shaft, finally pulling it from her mouth. "Fuck!" she said. "I loved that, Bob!"

Voice trembling with feeling, I echoed back, "OMG! Did I ever love that!"

Suddenly she was by my side, kissing me passionately. She was so turned on right then I couldn't just push her away. I rolled her over me, so she was between me and Sis. I had to express what I felt, somehow. "I just want you to let everything go, Karen. No barriers at all," I uttered, looking into her sparkling eyes, where I saw evidence of her lust and need.

My fingers reached over and moved Sis's hand down low on Karen, silently urging her to play with Karen's pussy. By common consent, both women stripped off all their clothing quickly, and returned to the same position.

With my fingers, I started gently caressing Karen's nipples. They were so hard now! In my limited experience, I had never felt nipples that engorged before. Karen began moaning loudly - I was glad our parents weren't home.

Sis slid lower down the bed, helping Karen onto her back. Her belly flat on the bed, Sis slid up between Karen's thighs. From my place up by Karen's shoulder, I watched Sis's mouth close carefully onto Karen's clit. "My god! This is so fucking hot!" I shrieked to myself, mentally, unable to believe I was seeing this.

Karen's hand went to Sis's head, driving Sis's mouth down hard into her cunt. Karen began grinding on Sis's face.

"Touch her," Karen commanded me.

"What?" I said, disbelieving.

"She told me she has dreams about you doing that," Karen told me, smiling.

"Shut up, Karen," Sis mumbled from her cunt. "Just shut up," she said, but rather unconvincingly.

Karen whispered conspiratorially to me, "Don't ask, just go slow with her."

I moved down on the bed, arriving level with Sis's head. Close up, watching her tease Karen sex was amazing. I very softly started rubbing Sis's back. I didn't want to surprise her by any sudden actions.

After a bit of time, I began softly kissing her back, following the trail of tiny bumps along her spine. I inhaled the delicate scent of a turned on woman, arising from her clean skin. I heard a moan escape from Sis's lips. Kissing Sis's back lower and lower I arrived at its base, the place where her butt began to rise up. Gently sucking her skin there I let my tongue touch and taste the saltiness of the sheen created by her sweat. My fingers were resting on her butt as I kissed, licked and sucked her there.

I started to rub her butt when she moved her legs slightly apart.