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A prison caning.

I can tell how much he wants me. How much I wished we could fuck there." now she straightened and turned towards Dad who kissed her, while his hands groped her boobs and ass.

"Yesterday? Well thanks for telling me today." he said mischievously. "Let's do it. He's agreed to share his wife, Maria, right? How old are they?"

"Yeah, I asked him and he said they are into swinging. I was happy. They're our age. He's 40, she's 38. You got to see Maria. She's exactly how you would like it. From what he tells me, she's a freak and ready to try new things...and people. I'll let him know. Now we better do some warm up before tomorrow." she said pushing Dad away and they both went to their room.

I was getting horny again. Ana was sitting across me. My time with her and all this talk and their flirting got into my head. I was wondering what would she think of all this. Mom and Dad hadn't had any swapping at our place since Ana came. I thought of taking her to room before she hears anything further. But I wanted to hear it myself. Of course I was familiar with all this. Now I knew what happened when they said they would be at their friends place or the friends would be visiting us.

After few minutes, Ana said she's going back to room. I told her I will go back after some time. It was few hours after our first sex but the sexual tension between us was obvious now. We could feel it by the way we were talking. But it was obvious that this would happen. We were already getting close physically since she came here.

I watched her ass move as she climbed the stairs. By the time she walked back we could hear our parents grunts. She just stopped at the stairs looked back at me. We smiled and she went.

I put my book down. I was hard again. I thought of jerking off but my mind was occupied by Ana. I was already thinking about the night now. Will we do it again or will this be just one off thing.

Slowly I made my way to the room. I switched on the light and was shocked. Ana was in my bed under the blanket. I just didn't know what to do. She kept staring at me and smiled. We could hear light moans from the other room.

I moved closer to the bed. She pulled out the blanket over her.

She was completely naked. I froze for a Moment. My eyes moved over her body admiring the beautiful shape and sizes of her assets. My cock was hard through my shorts.

"Ana, you are my cousin. I don't believe it."

"It's ok Santi. It was amazing. Did you like it?"

"Yes.'re not virgin?" I asked her.

"No. I thought you would realise it. It was not my first time. Are you virgin?" she said with a giggle.

"Yes I am. When did you lose it?" I asked.

"Couple of weeks back." she replied.

"What? It's only 3 weeks since you are here. Who was it then?" I asked thinking whether it was one of my friends who were crazy about her or someone she met around here.

"Uncle Ivan." She said looking straight into my eyes.

"Uncle Ivan? Uncle Ivan?" My mind was blinded for a Moment. "What??? My Dad? Are you serious?

"Yes. In the first week after I came here. When you went for that Robotics workshop for two days. I was alone with your parents. We just did it."

I just didn't know what to say. Suddenly it struck me.

"You mean my Mom knows? She was at home too."

"Yes. She does. It was she who started it. But never mind now. I'll tell you the details later. I just want you now. Badly. Fuck me Santi. I want you to Fuck me." she opened her legs as she said this.

That was it. I just threw out all my clothes and just jumped on her like a puppy having a meal after two days.

I kissed her hard and bit her lips.