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The After Party - Conclusion

Her body sunk down to capture my other fingers. I slowly took advantage of her. I saw her lips quiver and her teeth biting them to keep from speaking. Two fingers entered her. I increased my speed. I got her clit sopping and swollen. The intensity was triggering her instincts to run. I put my arm around her back. I wasn't going to let go until she came. She writhed violently under my grip. Her moans turned into animal like grunts. She clawed me, punched me, and screamed because I wouldn't let her go. Her legs clamped together, but I kept my hand in her pussy.

We crashed into the wall. I still held onto her tightly, fingering the hell out of her. With nowhere to run, she struggled harder. Her breath came out in heavy gulps. Her hands gripped my shirt as she shook and screamed. Her body fell limp against mine. My hand was drenched. I kept pressing her clit until she had nothing left. Her head lay on my chest as she tried to capture her breath.

I set up the trap to punish her. I loved how it worked out.

"Did you enjoy that?" She nodded and moaned, her way of thanking me. "Did you ask me if you could come?" Her breathing stopped suddenly. I felt the tension in her build up. "Answer me!"

"No, Master," she said, sulking.

"Hm." I dropped my arm and held my two cum soaked fingers in front of her. Being careful not to look at me, she lapped up the mess and sucked it up. I dried the rest on my jeans. My mind sped with all kinds of ideas for punishments. The one that stood out the most was her bound, gagged, and whipped. And maybe with a few toys used on her. And my dick punishing her ass.

"Stay there." I retrieved the blindfold and leash and applied both to her. "We're going upstairs. You're being punished for your selfishness. Does you Master just let you come whenever you want?"

As I dragged her up the stairs, I passed by pictures on the wall. Pictures of the band we're so proud of. Pictures of the three of us on our adventures. Pictures of Naomi in a white gown next to her new husband, smiling on the best day of their lives. It made me nauseated looking at them. I ignored them the best I could.

We passed by "my room," the guest room that I sometimes used when I was too drunk to drive home. It was then I realized how much I was a part of their lives.

We entered the master bedroom. I left her kneeling at the bed while I ransacked their closet. I pushed the clothes aside and found the equipment and toys that they carefully hid. Rope, chains, ties, and tape filled one box. Another had assorted handcuffs, bars, bed restraints, everything anyone could want for bondage play. I lifted the lid of another, the punishment box. I sorted through the paddles and floggers and chose a whip. The fourth box was all anal. Knowing where those toys had been, I didn't dig into that one. The last one had everything else, her toys, clamps, etcetera. I went back to the bondage boxes.

I wished I had planned it out. I wasted time deciding on how I wanted her positioned. She waited patiently in her corset and bare abdomen. Then, I saw it in the back of the closet. It was the leather bench thing she told me about. I didn't know how to use it, but I knew I could bend her over and secure her to it while I took her ass. I studied how it was rigged up, which clasps to use, and which restraints. I placed all of it in the middle of the bedroom.

"Come here, slut." I grabbed her arm roughly and pushed her down into kneeling position. I didn't know where the aggressiveness came from.

I undid the leash and cursed working my fingers around the tied corset, trying to get the damn thing off. The pale yet damn near perfect tits greeted me as I pulled it off of her. My hands were immediately upon them. I lost myself and my dominance. I was entranced by those huge knockers. I was becoming a slave to those things. I decided against the clamps. I couldn't hurt those beauties.

Somehow, I got her naked body bent over with her arms and legs secured.