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"Define pissed."

"Lady Tara's in her custody and is held for questioning, but her chief of security doubts she'll survive the interrogation since the Countess is doing it herself."

"That should make Assembly politics interesting for a while," said Kathy. "Have they learned who the spy is working for?"

"Not yet."

"If Tara lives, we'll also want to question her. In the meantime, keep working on the laptop. There must be some personal information in his computer to compromise him."

Mistress Kathy led Della Tiara and Adam to the forward deck where most of the dommes were in their bikinis sunbathing. Kathy couldn't wait to make introductions.

"Our newest recruit to the domination school is someone you are all familiar with!" she proudly announced. "Please join me in welcoming the world-famous Della Tiara to our staff!"

There was generous clapping, whooping and cheering from the girls on deck.

"And for your entertainment, she's letting us have access to her charmingly quiet latex slave, Rubberboy." This prompted a louder, more sinister chorus of cheers and growls from the appreciative girls. "His mistress doesn't allow him to speak or to show his face, so out of respect for our newest recruit, please restrain from ripping his suit off."

"What about spanking?" someone shouted.

"Spanking, groping, whipping, restraining, suspending by his ankles-all allowable under the terms of his contract, so that should keep him well-motivated."

"What about fucking?" someone screamed, prompting some laughs. Della Tiara laughed with them.

"Don't damage the poor thing," said Kathy. "If you do, Mistress Della may regret sharing her shiny toy with us."

Adam hoped that Della Tiara would stay close enough to keep an eye on the unruly women, but he was quickly disappointed.

"She and I have some business to discuss below," said Kathy, "so be good girls and enjoy the Rubberboy as he attempts to please you-without breaking him please."

With that, Adam was left to fend for himself, and he couldn't say a word without risking that his voice might be recognized by one of the dommes. The bikini-clad women immediately demanded drinks and snacks to be delivered to the reclining deck chairs where they lounged.

Not being able to speak meant he couldn't ask his patrons to repeat themselves if he didn't understand an order, nor could he provide any excuse when he made a mistake. He made many-which delighted the sunbathers. For each mistake, the women demanded some kind of penance, usually taking the form of a spanking, groping or squeezing of some part of him, and usually when his hand were full, preventing any kind of protest or resistance.

It didn't take long before they were making games out of him. Their drink orders got progressively more confusing. When he was away, they would swap chairs (or towels, or swimwear) with each other in order to confuse him further.

Soon Adam began to fear for his safety. If the unruly women chose to undo any part of his latex suit, the situation would quickly escalate out of anyone's control.

Strangely this did not happen. Mistress Kathy had forbidden such contact, and the dommes feared their headmistress enough to respect the boundaries she had laid out for them.

As the day wore on, the tropical heat began to wear heavily on him. The cramped area behind the bar began to fill up with empty bottles, so he looked for a storage room where he could stash them on the starboard deck.

A terrifyingly familiar voice behind him said, "Hello, handsome."

He turned. He had never seen Helga in a bikini before.

The terribly small bits of spandex in her suit were outmatched by the curves they attempted to conceal. Her penetrating smile seemed to bore right through his mask.

He thought he had been discovered.

"How about a little service?" asked her wicked smile. "I know I should wait my turn, but I'm not very patient."

Not daring to speak, Adam gestured with the large box of bottles in his hands to indicate that he was in the mid