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Shona & Jane show visitors around.

I was totally shot for at least 15 minutes. Finally I got up and hit the shower with Sammi, Jean and Colin. We got clean pretty quick and went down for breakfast. Bill and Emily showed up and we broke up with the girls going shopping and the guys left to their own devices.

We sat for about an hour, talking about Bill's promotion, business in general, sports, and all that kinda stuff. We headed out into the streets and wandered around awhile. Finally we ended up at an arcade and went in to play awhile. Soon it was time for lunch. We headed for an Irish Pub Bill frequented and got a coupla beers and ordered lunch. Naturally at some point, the conversation turned to women and sex. Bill asked how I met Sammi and I told him about the laundromat. I talked about how hot she was and her gorgeous nipples, tight ass hot and steaming pussy. We had a few by then and everyone was kinda relaxed and Bill made the comment he would love to stick his rod in any of her holes. We all laughed and Colin said it would be worth it as she was a sweet as I had described. Bill looked at him, then me and back to Colin. Colin sat there with a grin on his face and then Dad popped up saying he could also expound on Sammi's merits. Bill's face just lit up and he started asking a million questions, not stopping for answers.

Well it all came out. We told how we had been swapping our ladies around and having group fucks for about a month. Colin said that wasn't all. I held my breath, and he asked Bill if he remembered when the three of us used to jerk each other off and masturbate in front of each other. Of course he remembered. Colin told him there had been some family involvement, too. Bills eyes were wide and we told him about butt-fucking each other and having mom, too. "oh my God" was all he could say. His next words made us all smile... " I always wanted to fuck Mom"

We sat back and talked more and found out that he and Emily had done some swinging and threesomes. He was sure she would be up for all this. We laid plans to bring Bill and Em into our fold. We decided not to tell the girls, but just to get things rolling and see what happened. The dinner party was at 5:00, and we should have plenty of time afterwards to get our rocks off a number of times.

Back at the hotel, we all got dressed, and the girls were all up for some fucking and sucking, but we told them no. We were gonna wait for the whole group to get off with. At Bill's house they were getting ready when Emily started dancing around in her new bra and panties and Bill took advantage of the situation to get her revved up and hot. He ate her thru her panties leaving them soaked. He moved them aside and ate her till she was just ready to cum, and then told her they would be late, and just left her hanging, while he finished getting dressed. He told her to keep wearing her wet panties as a reminder of what was to cum. She was going to arrive excited and going to leave totally satisfied, only she didn't know it yet.

The dinner party went well, but seemed to take forever to get rid of everyone. Finally the last of the couples were leaving. Bill went to talk with the cleanup crew, and came back with a smile on his face. We knew what was gonna happen, the girls, we hoped, had no clue. We settled down around on table with a couple bottles of champagne and just seemingly relaxed. Sammi moved her chair close and instantly her hand was in my lap massaging my already stiffening cock. She rubbed me thru my pants until I was fully hard, and then slowly unzipped my fly. She pulled my big member out and began to softly stroke it. My balls were gently pulled out also and her hand and fingers went to my nut sac to give me a sweet massage.

I noticed everyone else was close to their partner and I knew what was going on.