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Connections are made.

I walked down to the bedrooms below, where soft music came from Charlotte's room. A light was on inside. I knocked twice and heard her bare feet on the floor.

"Oh hey Daddy," she said. "We have a few more guests. All the bedrooms are full. Kennedy's in the upstairs room. You missed a great party."

She was in a t-shirt, her hair pulled into a pony tail, no bra and a white thong barely showing under her shirt.

"I hope everyone had a good time," I said, trying not to stare at her nipples showing through her thin shirt. "Kennedy's passed out on the couch."

Charlotte laughed.

"Yeah, she's sort of celebrating her break-up. Did you know her boyfriend showed up here today?"

"We met, sort of," I said, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. "I don't think we'll be seeing him again."

"Love you Daddy," she said as I closed the door to her room.

"Love you babe," I said, turning to walk back upstairs.

The television sound was turned up when I came into the den again. Kennedy was awake, sitting wobbly on the couch, the blanket in the floor and her football jersey hiked to her waist.

"Hey Mr. B," she said, slurring slightly. "You missed a great party!"

I laughed and said something about the house being full.

"This is the party house," she said as I walked to get the remote off the floor.

Kennedy was trying to stand up when I turned back around. Her knee hit the coffee table and knocked over a small picture frame.

"God, I'm so sorry," she said. "I think I had too much tequila."

She was leaning over to pick up the blanket, straight legged and confident, knowing her ass was showing. Then she started to lose her balance again. I caught her as she staggered, and I managed to get her onto the couch. She was in a fetal position with her jersey completely to her waist.

"You seem to have lost your pants," I said, covering the blanket over her again. "Get some sleep. Just stay down here tonight if you want to."

Kennedy reached out her hand and I took it.

"I want to sleep with you," she said smiling.

"As hot as that sounds, and God save me for saying it, but we can't do that Kennedy."

I heard a sound from downstairs, and put my finger over my lips. We stayed silent for several seconds, but there was no other sound. I turned back to the couch and said "Kennedy."

I tried to sound stern and she showed a little pouty face as she repositioned herself on the couch. One bare leg appeared from under the blanket. She raised her perfectly tanned leg high into the air and ran both hands from her ankles to her shaved pussy lips, which were now fully exposed. She rubbed her pussy with both hands.

"Tequila makes me horny," she said.

I stared at the sight of a 21-year-old flirt on my couch her legs spreading apart as the blanket hit the floor again. One hand stayed on her pussy and the other pulled up her jersey to expose one perfect breast.

My cock hardened. I couldn't look away.

Kennedy ran her tongue around her lips in a slow circular motion. Her had moved deeper as she slid two fingers inside her glistening pussy. Then she pulled them out and stuck them into her mouth, sliding them out and wetting her nipple, which was now erect and pointing up like the tip of her little finger.

"My God," I thought. "This is the hottest little thing I've ever seen."

"Kennedy," I said, not as sternly this time, shaking my head as I took a hesitant step toward her. I couldn't finish the sentence.

She rose from the couch into a sitting position, her legs wide open hanging to the floor. I made a motion to pick up the blanket, and she reached out and grabbed my hair, pulling me toward her open hot pussy.

"You know you want to Mr. B," she cooed.

I was helpless. I felt my arms weaken as I dropped the blanket and went to my knees. She pulled my face into her wet pussy and held it there.

"Lick me," she said. "God yes, lick me Mr. B."

She tasted like sweet saltwater, as pure as anything I'd ever tasted. Young, hot, horny sweetness that enveloped me as I licked her clit and slid my tongue into her molten wet hole.

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