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Witch plans to kill a mage, but he has other plans.

Drinking before noon was a rare privilege for me, but it was hot and I was thirsty, so I figured, why not?

We motored up the river a little further before the stream narrowed, so we turned around and shut off the trolling motor in order to save the battery that provided the motor's power. Uncle Bill paddled and I drank while we floated back down the river.

I put on another coat of tanning lotion, and felt my skin tingle as I ran my hands over my body. The beer, the sun and the slick lotion all combined to make me very horny.

Finally, about noon, we found a sand bar and pulled in. Bill wanted to do some river fishing, and I wanted to swim a little, then lie back and get some serious sun. We swam, ate sandwiches and drank a beer, then I grabbed the blanket from the boat, spread it out and reapplied my tanning lotion.

I lay on my back for awhile, then rolled onto my stomach and started to doze off. I was just at the point between wakefulness and sleep when I felt the touch of a man's hand on my butt. I started, then relaxed when I realized it was just my uncle.

But I felt a shiver when I saw the look in his eyes and felt the way he was running his hands over my hot skin. I let out a long, low groan as his fingers found the gusset of my bikini bottoms and delved into my boiling pussy. I realized that I was bubbling over with my arousal, and I gasped when Bill's fingers found my suddenly swollen clit.

Deftly, his fingers moved out of me, but only long enough for him to pull the strings that held my bathing suit on me. I looked back at him again and spoke for the first time.

"You're not thinking of doing it here, are you?" I said in a voice husky with lust.

"Absolutely," my uncle said, with laughter in his voice. "Why not? I'm horny, you're horny, and we're here under the hot summer sun. Sure, I want to do it right here. In fact, I want to fuck your ass right here, maybe show you off to anybody who passes. You'd like that, wouldn't you."

Part of me was mortified at the thought of him fucking my ass there in front of whomever, but part of me was incredibly turned on by the idea. But whatever I thought of the idea was a moot point, because even as the thought crossed my mind, I felt my hips being pulled up from the blanket, so that I was on my knees.

Before I could react in any way, I felt the hot spear of Bill's dick slide into my dripping-wet cunt. Just the feeling of his cock entering my hot depths was enough to light the fuse on my climax. I groaned loudly and thrust my hips back to get as much of my uncle's big hard cock in my pussy as I could.

At that point, I didn't care who came by; I just wanted Uncle Bill to keep fucking me. Once he got into a smooth, steady rhythm, I felt him reach down and pick up the bottle of lotion. He squeezed out a generous dollop down the crack of my ass and began to work two fingers steadily in my rectum.

I think he was waiting for me to beg for him to put his cock in my ass, because he kept working his fingers in my ass and his cock in my pussy until I was at the point where I was about to explode. My naked body was covered with a nasty sheen of oil and sweat as we fucked like rabbits right there at river's edge.

I wasn't proud. At that point, I wanted his cock in my ass like you wouldn't believe, so I gave Bill what he wanted.

"Oh God!" I squealed. "Fuck my ass, PLEASE! God, fuck me, fuck my ass!"

With that, Bill slid his cock from my burning cunt, and pressed the head of his cock to my slimy asshole. It didn't take much pushing before his dick slipped smoothly past my anus and into my ass.

I howled as his hard cock began to pump back and forth in my spastic ass, and I quickly reached under my body to strum my bloated clit. I could feel an orgasm of gargantuan proportions picking up steam in my body.

Uncle Bill fucked my ass with strong, steady strokes, and I could feel big drops of sweat splatter on my back as he worked.

Finally, he pulled out of my ass, gasping for breath in the hot air.

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