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Sabine begins to really like being nude.

I shot him a warning glare and retreated just outside the room to change into the first outfit. I came back wearing a modest professional outfit, and Bobby was staring at me, trying to find some skin to look at.

After I had showed off the outfit a bit, I again removed my shirt, to replace it with the next one I had bought, as it went with the same pants I still had on. Bobby smiled his approval at the lower cut top, and I turned around slowly to show off. The next outfit required removal of both top and bottom, so I kept my back to him and slowly got changed. I could feel his eyes burning into me, watching my every movement as I leaned over to remove my pants, then put on the others.

I continued my fashion show, turning more toward him and allowing him to see more of me with each passing outfit. The last one consisted of a normal pair of pants, a slinky tank top that was big enough to show my bra underneath (I had to sew the straps shorter, but hadn't done it yet), and a long sleeved, lacy top over it. Bobby's eyes lit up as he told me that the lace top would look much better if that was all I had on. I grinned evilly at him and turned around, removing the extra clothing one piece at a time. When I was completely nude under the shirt, I moved over toward the bed and lay down next to him, pressed close against his side. I could see the struggle in his face as he tried to control himself, then he reached out to touch my breast. "I'm sorry, I can't help it," he said.

By this point, I was excited myself, and I didn't want him to think better of anything and stop, so I decided to do everything I could to tease him unmercifully, until he gave me what I wanted - him. I put my hand over his and held it against my breast, urging him to continue. At the same time, I began raining tiny light kisses all over his face. Before long, he couldn't help but to return my kisses. My hand strayed down to his now-straining cock, which was aching to be let free from his jeans. I obliged, opening them and pushing them down his legs with my foot. He tried to end things then, told me it was late and he had to go home, but I was having none of that. I slid half on top of him, preventing his escape and drowning his slight, unconvincing protests with my kiss. He finally groaned and helped me remove his clothing.

I reached down and grabbed his hot, stiff cock, delighting in the clear fluid that already seeped from its tip. He was still trying to resist me, refusing to touch me, but I was anxious to be touched. My free hand found its way to my own nipple, teasing the already-hard peak it found there. Bobby shot me an agonized look. "Don't touch your self, please," he ground out. He could never keep his control when I did that. When I didn't stop immediately, I could see something snap in him, like a dam breaking loose. He leaned in to kiss me ferociously, taking control of the kiss, punishing me for driving him to this. His fingers slid angrily down my stomach, to claim the prize between my legs. I moaned and parted for him, and he slipped a finger inside me. I continued to stroke his cock, faster and harder now, and then we lost it.

He rolled me over, so he was on top of me, forcefully spreading my legs apart for his entry.