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"No Alexandra. Now. Here. Take off your gown."

Alexandra knew better than to argue or simper, and though she thought it strange she set to work on the laces of her corset and efficiently shrugged out of the yards of confection, leaving only her chemise. The thin fabric did not leave much to the imagination, and Alex's newly ample breasts were freed from their confines. Feeling exposed, she shivered slightly, and her nipples rose against the frothy fabric.

"Good. Come here to me."

Alex did as she was told, and walked to her father. He was bigger than life, this man she had lived with for 18 years but had never been truly close to, and she felt a curious fluttering in her stomach when she was close enough to him now to smell him: cologne and brandy and tobacco.

"Papa? You are going to teach me about marriage now?"

Her father set the brandy on the mantle and reached a hand out to caress his youngest daughter's chin, jaw, and neck. Matter of factly, he said, "Alexandra, there are intimacies which you will share with your husband. No one talks about them except in hushed, ignorant whispers, but on the night of your wedding, on your marriage bed you are suddenly required to perform them and perform them well. I find this unfair both to you and to your future husband, and I seek to prepare you for everything you will be required to do, and everything that will be done to you."

Alex was blushing. True, she had no idea what these intimacies were, and she had heard whispers here and there, but never did she imagine anyone being so forthright on the topic and certainly she didn't imagine it would be her own stoic, serious father doing the talking. Her blush became even more pronounced when he began to unbutton his trousers, and removed what could only be described as a large fleshy snake.

"Alexandra, this is a cock, or a member, or a shaft. Come here, I want you to touch it."

Alex did as she was told, wide-eyed and curious. The house was silent at this hour, save for the subtle tick of the mantle clock. Alex's tiny hand fell on her father's member. It was warm, and hard. There was a large vein running down the side of it, and it had a head like a large mushroom. She explored further, testing to see if she could wrap her hand all the way around it (she could not), or if the skin on the head felt differently than the skin on the base (it did). Her father stifled a groan at the exploration.

"Every man has one. Your husband will use his cock to put a baby inside you."

Alex's recoiled and her hand shot away from her father. "A baby? How?"

"We will get to that later. But Alexandra, a man's cock is very sensitive and so you must be very careful with it. He will enjoy you playing with it as you just were, and Alexandra, he will especially enjoy it if you play with it with your mouth."

Understanding took over, and Alex asked innocently, "And you would like to show me how to do that, father?"

"Yes, Alexandra. Get on your knees."

Alex did as she was told and kneeled, now face to face with her father's hard cock.

"Kiss it."

Ever obedient, Alex touched her lips to the warm flesh. She could feel it throb, as if it had a heartbeat. She kissed it again, this time lower, almost on the underside of the head.

"Good," the Duke rasped, "now open your mouth. As wide as possible, that's a good girl. Under no circumstances are you to bite down on me."

Alex opened wide, and watched as her father simultaneously held the back of her head in place and started to push his huge cock head into her mouth and slowly down her throat. Alex's eyes flew open as she was held in place and unsure how she could breathe with this invasion. Her internal question was answered when he withdrew momentarily and then slowly forced his cock back down her throat again. "Good girl. Now, I'm going to push my cock down your throat as far as possible. Do not choke and do not become sick. I will withdraw again."

With that the Duke began to slowly fuck his daughter's throat, holding her head to him, keeping her fro