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"No food unless you tell us."

Girls and their gossip. I groaned, but then my stomach growled even louder.

Cherys smirked from her seat at the table and Danielle waved the plate. "It was a condition for you moving in."

"Fine, fine. I promise. Now gimme the damn plate."

She smiled and handed it over: chicken, rice, vegetables... it smelled delicious. I managed to get three bites in before Danielle's annoyed rapping of her spoon on the table got my attention. So I sighed and began the story.

The retelling was easy. I'd certainly thought enough about the sequence of events myself. And one really nice thing about being so close to Danielle and Cherys was that I had no embarrassments, no qualms about what they might think of me. I held nothing back, and by the time I finished, our food was cold.

Cherys reached out and held my hand. "You're a hero David. I always knew it."

Danielle nodded then cocked her head to the side. "You're also a blockhead. Brianna deserved better."

I frowned and nodded. "Deserves better. That's why I'm here. For now, I promise it's just a temporary thing and I'll be out of your hair in no time."

Cherys looked at Danielle and then smiled at me, squeezing my hand. "Stay as long as you like. It'll be like old times."

I rolled my eyes. "It's already like old times. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to sleep when you two are making those noises at night?"

Both girls blushed, and then Danielle got up to reheat our dinners.

My stomach growled as I watched perfectly good food going heading to the microwave. I loudly complained, "It's your damn fault you guys couldn't wait until AFTER dinner!"


SUMMER (June 2005)

"Hi gorgeous..." I said wearily as I came through the door.

"Hey hero..." Cherys answered as she sat up straight and moved away from the armrest.

Automatically, I went to her vacated spot and sat down in the corner of the couch, holding my arm out so that Cherys could lean back against my chest and wrap my arm around her. This comfortable position had become a part of our usual routine as well, and Cherys rubbed her cheek against my bicep for a moment before returning her attention back to the TV.

Without looking at me, she read the tension in my body. "Brianna still not talking to you?"

I sighed. "Yeah..."

"It's only been a month. Give her time; it'll be okay." She snuggled closer against me to emphasize her point.

Thirty minutes later, Danielle came home from work and said her hellos to us. She pecked Cherys on the lips and me on the cheek, then went into the bedroom to change into something more comfortable.

When she returned in some lounge pants and a baggy T-shirt without a bra, Danielle settled into the opposite corner of the couch. Cherys smiled at me and got up, then turned around and lay against Danielle's chest in a mirror-image of the position she had been in with me.

This time, she put her feet up in my lap, wiggling her toes and giving me a smirky little grin. I rolled my eyes in mock annoyance and then started massaging her feet.

Cherys sighed happily and then we all settled in for a comfortable evening.


SUMMER (August 2005)

"Hey gorgeous..." I smiled and padded over into the living room.

"Hey hero..." Cherys shifted on the couch and we easily settled into our positions.

Once Cherys got my arm comfortably situated around her waist, she stared off at the TV and asked, "You're sounding better. Brianna finally talk to you?"

"I wouldn't call it talking. But when we passed in the hallway she said 'Hello David' and actually smiled at me." I was smiling right then and I'm sure Cherys could hear it in my voice.

"That's good," she said brightly and then settled her head against my arm and rubbed my bicep.

I let myself lean over and breathe deeply. I'd forgotten how good Cherys smelled. I might as well enjoy it for the next half-hour before Danielle came home.


FALL (September 2005)

"Hey gorgeous.