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In the lobby, in the locker room, in the showers...

She knows everything about you correct?"

She understood as I spoke, "The tenant agreement was the tell though."

"Ahh, yeah that makes sense Sara. Michael's name had to have been in the files."

She paused, "But we need to get you focused on the other sex. Your date tonight could change your sexual perception Sara. I mean, I haven't met this guy but if my experience shows anything, you're either into girls or guys. There are some women who are true bisexuals but they're few and far between. That doesn't mean the best femme dykes don't love to be penetrated. That's why we have all of the toys for god sakes. I don't think that most straights can separate the act of penetration from gender selection. Females get to be more fluid in our selection of mates. Now you can as well Sara."

On the drive home I recalled the last meeting with Angelica. I was entranced by her powerful and sensual personality. She held my attention but I had to showered and prepare for the date with George. Tonight I hoped would change something about me. Just the experience of having another in bed after weeks by myself would be good. That George was a man who treats me as a female may be a risk. Avery had mentioned that as well. 'Be prepared for anything. He may be aggressive even if his behavior hasn't been'.

Her final words caused me to think, "Remember that whether or not you asked for him to go to bed with you, you can always change your mind. Saying no is a woman's option at all times Sara." We agreed to meet at the Park for a walk Sunday morning.

I found the package of suspender hose' and spent thirty minutes attending to my nails. I had a DVD running that showed Claire with various men, only men. I had watched the movie earlier in the week to understand how her acting changed when she was with men and I noted the subtle details of her submissive role. Claire could handle the role and yet could be the top with other women. Watching a big penis pushed inside her tight body had helped me during my initial attempts. Now I wanted George inside me.

I wanted to be fucked, on my back, standing against a wall, from behind and even reverse cowgirl. Maybe we wouldn't get to all of these positions but I wanted George to thoroughly settle my bottom on his cock.

Now dressed in the hose', just a black thong and my black four-inch slingbacks I wandered to the Hall mirror. On our previous dates I hadn't worn a wig but tonight was special and besides, I needed a trim. So with the honey blonde hair falling to the middle of my back I studied my body. My breasts were nicely shaped and the areolas and nipples had increased beautifully. The small scars at my armpits were barely noticeable after four weeks.

Touching my new breasts lightly was enough to get me excited, actually more exciting then the nipples. The lower skin was very sensitive to my touch. I hoped having George's tongue on them would be equally exciting.

I would wear a support bra but I wanted to review my face and hair before completing the outfit. I wondered why black lingerie seemed correct. I was of course about to give away the only opening I had to a penis. Was this event sort of like a wedding? Should I re-consider the ivory outfit?

I stepped back to the bath to adjust my eyeshadow and apply the lipstain. My toy play had shown me how lipstick just wasn't feasible. It rubbed off within seconds and smeared the toy skin. With my dark charcoal chemise on I lightly applied the Chanel perfume. I stepped into my body-con dress and pulled it up and over my new breasts, and zipped it into place. I wondered at how the fabric with just a bit of spandex hugged my now narrow waist and clung to my hips. The hem fell past mid-thigh but still seemed short to me. The neckline wasn't too deep and it felt good moving about completing the last of the outfit. I only needed to set the hoops in my ears and slip on my bangles. I heard the car outside but paused. George must come to the door and ask me to join him.

I was pretty certain he knew that we would be in bed later.