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Once in the car we left to go home. "Really Billy? Why should I get over it?" I asked him.

Billy just looked at me all serious, and said, "Because she is your best friend."

I just growled at him, and drove us home.

We got home, and our parents hadn't arrived yet. So, Billy wanted to fool around, well I did too. "Hang on let me text mom." I told him.

I sent a message to mom, and her response was they were about twenty minutes away. I put my phone down, and told Billy how much time we had. He grabbed my hand, and led me into the bedroom. We couldn't get our pants off fast enough. I fell back on the bed trying to take mine off. Billy was undressed in record time. He grabbed my panties, and pulled them down. He leaned in to lick my pussy, and found that I was already wet, and ready for him. He lifted my legs up, and wide. He thrust into me, and paused. "God, you feel so fucking good in my pussy!" I yelled at him.

Billy started moving in, and out of me. I was meeting every one of his thrusts. Billy, and I looked at each other in the eyes while we fucked. "I can't get enough of your pussy!" Billy told me, and started thrusting harder. I could feel his balls hitting my asshole. I reached down to rub my clit. Both of us exploded at the same time. Billy moaned long, and loud. I screamed my release.

We stayed in the same position for a minute. Then Billy pulled out of me, I could feel his cum running out of my pussy to my ass. I reached down, wiped some of the cum up and tasted it. I licked my fingers clean, and smiled at Billy. "Taste's wonderful!" I told him.

We look over at the clock, and realized that we were fucking for fifteen minutes. We both scrambled to get cleaned up, and dressed. We literally just got our clothes back on when the doorbell rang. We looked at each other to make sure we were presentable, then headed out to the living room. Billy sat on the couch, and I answered the door.

Mom, and dad came in giving me a huge hug. I noticed mom paused for a quick second when she went to release me. Dad went in, and sat with Billy. They turned on a sports channel so they were in their glory. Mom asked to use the bathroom. "Sure, you know where it is." I told her.

I sat down in the living room to talk to dad. The three of us were making small talk when mom came back into the room with us. I noticed that she had an odd look on her face. She then asked all of us, "So let's go pick out a bed for Billy, and then go get some dinner." We all agreed, and left the apartment.

Billy, and I were in the backseat, we kept looking at each other with that we just got away with something smirk. Mom was chatting away making small talk. We got to the furniture store, and went straight to the beds.

Billy was sitting, and laying on beds to try them out. He called over to me "Hey, Missy come lay on this one."

I went over to him, and laid down. Billy asked me what I thought of it? "I like it a lot it is very comfortable." I replied. I noticed mom looking strangely at us again. I was starting to get guilty conscience. We got up, Billy decided that was the mattress he wanted. Dad, suggested that he look at the bedroom outfits so that he would have a bed frame, and dresser. We walked over there to look.

We were away from mom, and dad so I whispered to Billy, "I think mom is suspicious of us."

Billy whipped his head around to me, and asked me, "Why in the hell would you think that?"

"Haven't you noticed the looks she has been giving us?" I asked him. Then I told him, "When they got to our place she went to use the bathroom. Ever since then I have gotten an odd vibe from her. Maybe she went by the bedroom, and it smelled like sex!"

"Relax, you acting nervous will give us away. Everything will be okay." He told me. All I could say was "I sure hope so."

So, Billy picked out a bedroom outfit. The sales rep got it all written up, and set up a delivery date for the next day. When we were finally done with everything we headed out to get some dinner.

We decided on an Italian restaurant.