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A youthful fantasy is realized years later.

Somehow I kept from cumming, not even taking the risk of fucking her back. Still, I had to give a few thrusts between those ample beauties -- but five was my limit.

Amanda was almost psychic in taking her tits off then, if not disappointing. But when she opened her mouth and bent her head down, she was on her way to making up for it. Or she would if she put herself on my cock at all.

All she did was go down on me without putting her lips or tongue on me. With her mouth wide open, Amanda merely breathed on me before coming off, then did it two more times. The effect was torturous, until she came down and put her lips halfway down my shaft. Yet it came back when she didn't suckle me.

Amanda merely slid her lips up my cock without licking or sucking me. She didn't even put her hand on me, leaving me in complete limbo. Finally, her lips went onto my head and her tongue barely poked out, slowly teasing my slit as she kissed me and hummed, her eyes giving me a sweet glare up this time.

At this point, the slightest teasing and seductive look would get me close. But Amanda still drew it out by softly kissing and licking my head, with no other part getting attention. She then opened her mouth over me again and put her tongue on my tip -- right as her hand cupped my balls.

Finally having hand contact down there -- especially down there -- was nearly enough. Amanda jiggling my balls, saying "I wanna see that cum come out," then licking up my shaft and getting in two precious suckles -- well, that crossed the nearly out.
Amanda opened her mouth again right as I came, shooting onto her lips before spewing onto her tongue. She didn't close her mouth over me or grab my shaft, so only most of the rest landed in her mouth. The rest slid down her lips and onto her chin, but she wiped it off as she swallowed the rest down.

After she finished, I struggled to get my head on straight. While getting me off that way had it's....perks, I wondered why she went that way. Was she getting fancy because that was the end of this?

Since we were probably almost home, would she just drop me off and leave now? Even if I could get another load together, did it matter?

"You said you were going soon," Amanda interrupted. "So I figured I shouldn't use all my tricks. Save them for later."

With that, at least most of my important questions were answered. It held me over as Amanda fixed her dress and covered herself up again. I bothered to do the same right as the limo stopped.

We were home, but I couldn't bring myself to get out yet. On the other hand, Amanda stepped out and seemed to be going over to the driver -- who'd either been shielded from this or been one stealthy pervert. Either way, Amanda soon came back and got me to leave the limo -- which drove away on cue after I shut the door.

"He'll be back in time to get me to the set," Amanda assured. "But until he gets back..."

She gestured to my home and made my throat close up for a brief second. Despite the various hotels, apartments and bedrooms I'd been in during, I'd never done any of it in my own home. Or brought a famous person into my own home.

It was intimidating -- but I remembered she probably wouldn't have much time for a grand tour. Not for more than one room.

With a few nerves still inside me, I still led Amanda to my front door. When we got past it, I gave her time to look around, then put a tentative hand on her shoulder. I didn't know if she wanted to get right to it, sit on the couch and talk, sit on the couch and do it, or some other combination. I hoped her reaction would give me a clue.

She turned around, smiled and gave me a small but steamy little kiss. The mystery seemed solved by then.

With that clarity, I took her hand and led her to my staircase. If I didn't, I'd have probably taken her on the living room floor, even with my cock still in recovery. For this, I wanted a bed -- my bed.

Once we entered my bedroom, I got to work unzipping and unbuckling my pants, instead of letting Amanda do it again.