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That little something special after a long day.

Her mouth had never been so stuffed. She could barely move her tongue to do anything but caress the thick ridged vein running along the underside of the Dwarf's cock, but she did it like a pro! She rolled her tongue in alternating rhythms as her lips suckled him lightly, then harshly on his silky hard sensitive flesh. Each bob of her head left his massively thick member sticky and shiny with her saliva, allowing it to force its way into her over fucked mouth with a long sickly pleasing *squelch*.

Aerynel had felt exposed and vulnerable as she bent over for the Dwarf, jutting her ass and pussy out into the air, but she hadn't known why...Until now. She had forgotten all about the voidwalker, but it hadn't forgotten about her. She could feel it doing something to her as her pussy and asshole began to glow warmly, their openings parting slightly. She felt something slithering up into her, reaching deep into her ass and pussy, each thing stopping as the one in her pussy bottomed out. Aerynal had just worked the gigantic head of the Dwarf's cock into her throat, unable to allow it further into her, when she felt the things inside her nether regions begin to expand. Oh my.....Velen! It couldn't possibly be that big blue thing that was with them....Is it going to fuck me too? What next...a centaur? And my ass? I've never even done that before, it's so...sick! She couldn't believe that the voidwalker was going to fuck her, but fuck her it was. Its long blue tentacle arms were imbedded deep in her ass and pussy, and were now pumping in unison, widening a fingers width more width each stroke, stretching her virgin ass painfully.

Aerynel's body was lighting up with over stimulation. Sparks flew behind her eye=lids every time they closed, and they were getting heavier and heavier with every hard stroke from the voidwalker. A voidwalker is going to make me cum....a voidwalker fucking my ass is going to make me cum. Is it going to cum? Can I get pregnant from one those? Oh gods! ass! Finally the voidwalker stopped growing, its widths matching that of the Dwarf's and Orc's. She had never felt more full in her life, and what was worse, she could feel both of the thick tentacles rubbing against the thin membrane separating them, and it was turning her on. Aerynel's began to sag against the Dwarf's cock in her mouth, her left hand clinging desperately to its base as her mouth was doing nothing but slobbering over the giant head as the voidwalker fucked her mercilessly, walking her step by...fucking huge the cliff of her inevitable climax. She wanted it over, and yet wanted it to go on at the same time. It was so wrong having a warlock's pet abuse her in this way, and she actually enjoy it, lust for it even.

It didn't take long for Aerynel's body to become a trembling rigid mess as her pussy and ass clamped down on the voidwalker's tentacles, squeezing them relentlessly with each massive convulsion racking her body.