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His stalker gets more than she expected.

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain and every slut is different. You just have to learn how to get your slut to respond the way you want her to.

"The last zone is the pussy or cunt. It's mostly a pleasure area that you can stimulate with your fingers, tongue or yes, your cock. Sluts go crazy and their pussy gets very hot and wet with this type of touching."

Walters was caressing her pussy now while she was still bent over. Her wet pussy lips were clearly outlined by the shorts. Her legs were straight, back arched and she wanted desperately to have one of them fuck her or at least finger bang her. But she knew that was not allowed today.

"The best way to demonstrate discipline in this area is to deny the pleasure your slut seeks," Walters continued. "She's practically begging for me to fuck her. She wants that sexual release. But she's been a naughty slut, so we tease her to the point that the frustration trumps the pleasure. Deny her the orgasm and teach her the lesson."

By this point, Walters' cock was hard and, with the clock ticking, he knew he had to get to it.

"So, as you can see, your slut can dressed and housed as you like and tamed with a few tender or slightly firm touches," Walters said. "But of course, the main thing you have to do is feed your pet slut. And, as I mentioned, their favorite foods are cock and cum. Allow me to demonstrate."

He had Megan climb on the lab table and get on her hands and knees. He then adjusted the height until her mouth was level with his crotch. She bit her lip in anticipation. It wasn't part of the act and they both knew it.

"See what I mean?" Walters smiled. He opened his lab coat. He was nude underneath. His cock popped out, nearly hitting her in the face. She moved her head, trying to catch it as it wagged back and forth in front of her face.

He took his cock and slapped it against her cheek, then rubbed it over her face, jabbing the head against her eyelids and nostrils before finally serving it to her lips. The instant three points of contact -- top lip on top of the head, bottom lip on the bottom of the head and tongue flicking across the pee hole -- made his cock jerk and he pushed three inches into her mouth.

It felt wonderful to have that yummy cock in her mouth. Megan was so ready to be fed again. She lunged forward, eager for more. Walters was surprised but did not try to stop her. He stood firm and let her consume him, her lips eagerly sliding down, her head bobbing and tilting to get the right angle to take all of him.

Walters looked over at Peterson and shrugged his shoulders, a big smile on his face. Megan looked up at him, feeling lust and hunger and wishing he would just fuck her throat.

"You can feed your slut any way you want," Walters said, trying to hold his professorial character. "You can take it nice and slow and make her work for her dessert while you enjoy her efforts. Or, you can just grab her by her handle and fuck her throat raw."

As he said this, he grabbed her ponytail and held her firm as he hammered his cock violently in and out of her mouth. Her head jerked and she sputtered but she was as determined to stay all the way on his cock as he was to choke her with it.

"You can do this as hard as you want," he grunted. "About the only limit is don't break her teeth and make sure she can breathe. Although sometimes it's fun to make them really inhale you." Empowered by her lusty cock-gobbling, he pinched her nose shut and watched her munch down further on him, widening her mouth to try to pull in some air. Her face turned red and he let her nose go.
He pulled out, barked at her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue, and feverishly jerked his cock until he had squeezed every drop onto on the tongue. He plugged her nose again as she swallowed. "That, dear pupil, is how you feed a fucking pet slut. Class dismissed."

"Damn, that was good!" Peterson said, standing and applauding. "Nice show. My turn now. Megan, take five minutes, then meet me in the hallway."

"Of course, daddy," Megan said, crawling