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A woman returns from the military to face her past.

Loudly popping the tip from her mouth, she smacked her lips. My head was angry, purple, and dribbling with pre-cum. Jen grinned, "Don't worry. I'm not going to kiss it."

"Bitch," I snarled.

"I know. Just enjoy."

Jen stuffed my dick down her throat. She took it deep, ramming me past her tonsils. All pro, the bitch showed no hesitation.

Breathing through her nose, she never gasped or lost concentration. As her throat opened, I was encased in a slippery furnace -- a sheath so satiny as to be a dream.

I grabbed her by the back of her neck and ran my hands upwards. Her eyes bulged questioningly, but she never stopped slobbering on my dick. My fingers dug into her hair; the gel holding up the spikes crackled and broke. I didn't care.

With my grip intact I slammed her face further down onto my pole. Jen's body tensed, but fell into the movement. With three yanks she was all the way down. Her tongue nestled into the fold between my nuts and cock. Her body shuddered, but otherwise she gave no resistance.

Then I yanked her back up, pulling my professor off my dick.

Her mascara was smudged with sweat and tears. Jen gasped, gulping in air, and then smiled.

"You twisted whore," I growled, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Jen started to speak, but I had no use for any of the shit that would come out of her mouth. Instead I made sure that something went in. I pushed my dick back down her throat. She gagged, making slight retching sounds.

Again, I didn't care. Instead I just held her face tight to my crotch for a full count of twenty seconds. Her tongue whipped around my shaft, massaging the skin. A long string of saliva dangled from her chin down to her tits when I finally let her up.

Pulling back on her hair, I forced Jen to look at me. My cock fell from between her lips as she coughed and sputtered. A long pause. "Well," I asked expectantly.

"Do you mind if I just make love to your purple lollipop for a little bit?" Jen batted her eyes and tried mocking a dewey-eyed coed in a higher pitched voice. Her lips formed into a pout as she plumped up her chest. "Please let me love the delicious piece of meat between your legs."

I rolled my eyes. This bitch was too much; I was really growing to hate this woman. And she would know it. So I drove her face back into my crotch and demanded: "Gargle my balls."

Jen's head moved back and forth, humming and licking as she went. First one nut was slathered with her fierce tongue, and then the next. Back and forth, she zipped between my balls. They vibrated under her buzzing lips, sending small tremors coursing through my body.

But I wanted to get on with it. If the bitch wanted to get fucked by my cock, then goddamn it she was going to get fucked.

With the force of a goddamn wrecking ball.

Roughly I pushed on her shoulders, forcing Jen backwards.

Startled she fell to the floor. I stood up from the chair towering over her. She lay on the ground spread eagle, licking her lips, as I stroked my cock. Fire burned in her eyes; a demand for a thorough pounding.

"Up," I bellowed.

Without thought, she rose and moved to where I pointed. The position was a timeless classic; no matter how many women I fucked over my desk I still couldn't get enough. She didn't bother moving my books or papers. Instead, the metal rings of a spiral note book dug into her chest. Our friction might tear the notes. I didn't care; this was another sacrifice to the god of carnal lust.

Jen, my PhD dissertation advisor, wiggled her ass as she bent doggy style over my desk. The soft, mound of her pussy glistened with moisture. A small trickle of juice ran down her leg. This slut wanted to be stuffed. Desperation controlled her.

She needed dick. Only her student's cock would suffice, and she didn't care what rules she had to break in order to get it.

I held her slender waist in one hand while steadying my cock in the other.