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Escape from it all that is well worth it.

"No, I was really nasty to do that, wasn't I?"

"You made me so hot then. That's why I blew that guy. Jeez, I can't remember his name now."

"Really, I made you hot? But you've seen me lots of times."

"Not like that. I mean, in public, and on the stairs where anyone could see up your skirt. I wanted to pull you down and eat you right then and there, but I didn't have the nerve."

Peggy giggled again. "And you didn't have any "E" in you either," she pointed out, "That would have been wild, what a delicious scene, just imagine the expression on that guys face . . ."

"True enough, but I've got you here and I want to go down on you so bad...."

"So, you want to lick me?" Peggy asked.

"Yeah...but, let's do each other, okay?"

"That's fine with me," Peggy said with a broad smile as she quickly peeled off her scant clothing.

Kathy followed suite, and when both were naked they fell into one another's arms, hugging and kissing each other, just teasing the other as they played, but overly conscious of what Marlene was experiencing outside the van. Neither girl wanted to do anything that might encourage the two guys to think they were also available for a fuck.

But as much as they tried to avoid it a love session between then became inevitable as first Peggy's eyes were drawn to the last undone button on Kathy's blouse. She could see most of one of her friend's breasts; but her attention was riveted to the small pert, conical nipple. Peggy moved so that she was to the right and directly in front of Kathy. Her ass was so close, so tempting, Peggy wanted to kiss it and bite it She had grown very wet and was all a tingle at her crotch. She looked down Kathy's blouse again and saw her fully exposed breast and moaned longingly.

Moaning deliriously, Peggy began rubbing her crotch against Kathy's ass.

"Do you like rubbing on me?" Kathy giggled.

Peggy turned her head and gently kissed her. "Mmmm" moaned Peggy, as she rubbed harder.

"What are you doing?" Kathy sighed. "You know what will happen if they find us doing it."

"I don't care, I need you!"

"That's what the guys do, you know? Rub their hard cocks on a girl's ass until they cum in their pants."

"KATHY!" the lithe teen wailed, but continued grinding against Kathy's rear as she reached around Kathy and fondled the elusive breast she had peeked at earlier.

"Oh, Peggy, you're too much!"

"Sorry," Peggy sobbed, but rubbing faster.

"Is that what you're going to do, Peggy? Do you want to come on my ass like those guys do?"

Peggy merely groaned, as often as they had made love in the past, she had never been this hot before. Perhaps it was the 'E', perhaps the entire night and what was going on outside the van, whatever it was Peggy wanted Kathy and wanted her badly.

"Liking my tit are you? Wanna play with it? So how 'bout sucking it a little?" Kathy was teasing Peggy unmercifully now. Peggy appeared to be thriving on the teasing.

Then Kathy caught Peggy off guard and kissed her, ramming her tongue down Peggy's throat. That did it the sensuous tonguing caused Peggy to cum and since she wore no panties, she soaked Kathy's dress with her discharge.

"Oh, Christ, I'm soaked," Kathy cried out.

"I'm sorry," Peggy sobbed still coming and using her fingers to intercede between her fluids and Kathy's clothing.

Then Kathy was laughing. "So my ass made you cum did it? Jeez, just look at you!"

"Well now you've got me so hot I don't care what those guys think." She pulled Peggy closer and kissed her again. They made out quietly for a minute and then Kathy quietly sighed and said, "Peg, please, put your hand up my skirt," and kissed her once more.

Peggy's hand sought it's way to Kathy's steaming pussy, and as they kissed, Kathy held her hand, guiding it under her panties directly to her cunt rubbing back and forth against it and moaning from the intense pleasure sweeping over her.

"Play with me, baby! Play with my pussy!" Kathy cried.

Peggy was using two fingers to rub against Kathy's clit.

"Ummm, that's good! I need it bad baby, I need you so much!"

They kissed a

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