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Conniving woman is out connived by her prey.

That did not work.

Aunt Jeri came to me. "We have a custom, Imani. Hello." She kissed my breasts. Older cousin Pam followed her. "Hello, Imani." She sucked my nipples. Numbly, I kissed theirs in return. They held me close. I did not cry.
The blonde Viking goddess was seven months along if I guessed right, like Jeri and Pam and my grandma Teresa. She greeted me. "Hello Imani. I'm Lorna." She suckled me. So did the Latina introduced as Mariana, "Call me Mari." I kissed their breasts and turned to face my doom.

"Hello, Imani," Stan said. We kissed nipples. I faced Carole. "Missus LeMay, I--"

She interrupted. "Nobody here is mister, missus, uncle, aunt, whatever. We are who we are. Hi, Imani. I'm Carole." She kissed my breasts. I looked in her eyes and then licked her nipples. "Hello, Carole. It's good to be here, I hope."

Lazlo was not to be denied. "Hell-LOW, Imani!" he said, and sucked smoothly. I bit his nips just to make him wince.

The freckled Celtic nude stood by the tank and took the baby from her breast.

"Hello, Imani. Don't mind Lazy there. I'm Anathea, call me Anny, and come here." We swapped tit-kisses.

My aunt Jeri nestled me in her arms, not too tight against her swollen belly and breasts. "You may wonder why you're here. There's a story. Stan?"

"Why me?" he asked. "Okay. I'll skip the details. Maybe the ladies will show you their journals. But events have brought us together, some planned, some straight off the wall. But the result is, Jeri and Pam and I are a loving unit. We are bound together."

Stan admitted fucking his cousin... and his sister?

"Lorna and Mari are very close to us. They may be moving in soon. Anny and Lazlo... well, Anny can tell you that part. But they're dug in here, too. She welds. Those are her vaginal flowers cluttering the hillsides."

"Appreciate them before they're stolen," Anny said, switching the baby to her other breast. "The big orchid I'm finishing for that ritzy Anaheim bank? It's modeled on Lorna's pussy. I had to cut up one and a half railroad tank cars for the metal. Her pussy is pretty, and big, pretty big. Gonna show us?"

Lorna threw water at her. "Show your own. That piece looks like you modeled with a mirror between your thighs." She pointed at a huge, vivid sculpture.

"Ladies," Stan said. "Anyway, Jeri's friends here got in a bind. I helped them and accidentally, or fortuitously, ran into a couple of singers who will arrive soon. It turns out that the singers and I make good music together, and that Pam's girl Megan, and Tanya and Talia, also make good music with them. They are rather famous now."

Talia had mentioned music in her email. But famous?

"They'll be here soon. But they're not the main event. Weddings will happen tomorrow. My and Pam's mother Ursula will marry a real fucking Polynesian prince. Anny and Lazy will marry, and Carole and I, and a couple of botany professors, and an Indian princess and her girlfriend, unless someone runs."

Carole and Stan, okay. The redheads here, sure. But botanists. A prince and my great-aunt. A lesbian princess. My head was spinning again.

"You're here because Teresa and Ursula want you here. They want you to see our family life. But you need to know this: The rites will be wet and naked, following South Seas tradition. There will be sex, lots of sex. You can join in or not. You can watch or not. You can stay or not. Do or don't what you want. Nobody can force you into or out of anything. But, know what to expect."

I tried to think it through. But then a bell went DING.

"That's the visitor alarm," Carole said. "Someone is coming."

A big SUV rolled in silently. Two Asian-looking women got out of the front doors. Their faces looked familiar... Holy fuck! I know them! They are K-Y Jam! The biggest singing stars in the world now! Right here!

The back doors opened. Out came a girl who looked a lot like Pam only not tired and pregnant, maybe her girl Megan, and... Talia and Tanya! What? Were they all K-Y Jam? Holy fuck!

I told myself to stay calm.