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An attention whore sub entertains Sir's guests.

She came hard, bucking Her hips up to meet Her hand, pressing Her fingers hard to Her aching groin.

Lying back She rested a moment, feeling Her hot blood-filled genitals cool in the water. Reaching for a bell, She rang it and waited until a young servant appeared, telling her to make sure arrangements were made for the new boy to be taken to Her chambers ready for when She left Her bath. As the girl scurried away, Leon__ washed Herself, paying extra attention to Her soft womanhood, and climbed out of the bath, drying Herself off with a large warm towel. Donning Her robe She walked to the large doors and pushed them open, entering Her bedchamber.

The boy was upon his back on the bed, arms secured to the headboard, legs tied above him so as to pull his knees up towards his chest, fully exposing his genitals and anus to Her. As She took in the sight, She felt Her body react beneath Her robe; Her nipples harden, Her loins moisten. Approaching the bed She smiled gently down at him, reaching between his legs, Her fingers softly teasing the back of his scrotum and perineum, then tracing down to lightly trace the rim of his anus.

Turning She walked to Her dresser, letting Her gown fall to the floor leaving Her naked. Wanting to tease the boy She bent forwards at the waist to open a lower drawer, displaying Her vulva fully to him. A smile playing over Her face She selected a long thin strap-on from the drawer and stood, reaching for a jar of lubricant.

She knew his gaze would be on Her buttocks, and the effect Her body would have on his. Sure enough, as She turned with the glistening strap-on in Her Hand She saw his cock had stiffened slightly, but still lay against his belly. Walking across to him swaying Her hips seductively She noticed his gaze flicker from face to breasts to the top of the slit peeking out from between Her legs, back to Her face again, the look on his own features a mix of arousal and nervousness.

She stood beside the bed, looking down at him. Laying the strap-on beside his head She straddled his body and leant down to kiss him. Her breasts hung down, grazing his own chest, Her soft moist pussy pressed against his belly. The boy returned the kiss eagerly, his tongue finding Hers. She kissed him with equal pleasure, biting softly on his soft lips.

As they kissed, She reached back behind Herself with one hand, reaching between his wide spread legs, seeking his vulnerable anus. With fingers still slick with lube She circled the rim of his anus and slid one finger deep into him, withdrawing then pushing back into him, fingering his tight hole. Placing a second against his entrance She pushed firmly, feeling his anus tighten as he tried to resist Her, smothering his moan with Her mouth as She kissed him hard. She felt his body reluctantly give way and the second finger slid into him in tandem with the first.

Leon__ kissed him a moment longer, until She was sure Her two fingers had sufficiently lubricated and loosened him. Withdrawing Her fingers She gave his scrotum a firm squeeze, pulling Her lips away from his and leaning back, smiling down at him. Climbing off him, She noted the area on his belly where Her arousal had left its mark.

Turning Her head to look into his eyes She noted his nervousness returning, saw his keen awareness of his body's vulnerability. Maintaining eye contact, She held his gaze as She reached for the strap-on, stepping into it and pulling it up to Her crotch. Still not breaking eye contact She walked around the bed until She was in front of him, kneeling on the bed before his exposed genitals. With both hands She cupped his buttocks, lifting and spreading him, bringing him towards Her. Pressing the tip of Her strap-on against his hole She spoke Her first words since entering the room,

"Relax, submit yourself to Me. I assure you that you will soon begin to crave the moments when I take and fill you."

The boy made as if to reply but his words faltere

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