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Yilly is both a theoretical and practical physist majoring in hyper engines. He has a minor in computer hardware and programming. He is currently redesigning the standard hyper engine they use on Earth. Sally is working on a dual degree in xenopalentology and xenobiology. Dani is working on becoming a doctor at one of the most prestigious training centers in her country. They are all classified as genius level brainiacs."

Billy gave his down home smile that had a sort of 'aw shucks' look to it. "I's not overly edjumacated, just raised with a bit o' common sense." Tasha snorted and poked him again.

"Oh and incase I forgot ignore that pretty and innocent look that Z'Marl does so well. She is only a little bit less intelligent than Yilly. Can you say geek speak foreplay?" She shuddered though she did grin at Z'Marl who simply looked innocent.

Z'Marl took that as an invite to give Billy her gift. "I hope you don't mind Satasha and Billy but I got a gift for you as well." She didn't bother with any of the playing of the other two. Now she was looking and acting her age-a shy young woman. As she was talking she handed a pouch to Billy and a last second purchase she had made to Satasha. "I hope you like them."

Billy had to raise his eyebrows at the weight of the pouch. "Z'Marl could you open this please, I am a wing short of being able to." He handed it back to her and held one hand out.

She had to smile at his joke but took the pouch back and opened it and placed the bracelet in his hand. It wasn't in anyway a bonding bracelet such as he and Satasha had but it was heavily engraved bronze with silver chasing. Once he had looked at it she put it on his other wrist.

"Oh love it is beautiful and thank you so much." He pulled her towards him and gave her a good kiss and hug.

Satasha joined in the hug as well. "That is a beautiful bracelet Z'Marl and it was very nice of you to get it for Yilly." She opened her pouch and it was a smaller version of Billy's and obviously designed for a female. It hadn't required any modification since Tasha was Sholan. "Oh this is lovely and you should get one as well. We will go to the jewelers tomorrow or the next day to get one made."

The rest of the evening was spent chatting about this and that. Signey had to ogle the jewelry at one point and sighed since she didn't have anything like that. Eventually they went to bed and after breakfast the next morning they headed back.


The morning of his next surgery and after their link day he was lying in bed looking at the ceiling. Satasha was curled up on one side and Z'Marl on the other. She had snuck in at some point during the night and curled up with them and fell asleep. He had to smile some since if she had been much earlier she would have been drawn in by the sexual draw of the link. Billy had a feeling that wasn't something she would normally do and would have been appalled.

He took a moment or two to contemplate the last two weeks. They had been back to Vangie's house once as well as to Kingie's parent's house. That was a very enjoyable visit since Crystal was obviously flourishing under their care and love. She had been more outgoing, giggly, and comfortable with casual touch. That wasn't saying it was all bunnies and pink unicorns for her. If you moved to fast near her she tended to flinch. With touch she had to see you first. If you came up behind her and touched her she would jump and twitch. Overall she was doing better and she and Amahs were obviously getting along well.

He had to start smiling as he continued to remember the visit.