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Pete's panty play with friend's wife continues.

Valeria couldn't deny herself this. Jane's lips were soft and gentle and they kissed with a reverence the young prostitute had never experienced before.

She whined in protest when the shorter girl pulled back and her eyes fluttered open to find Jane looking a little dazed.

"Oh." Jane muttered, as if coming to some stunning realization. "I...I hadn't realized how much I wanted that."

The two looked at each other in silence for a moment and then there was a shift in the air and it was like the thin thread keeping the apart snapped. They clashed in a furious kiss, mouths open and tongues tangling as Valeria walked her shorter loved back until she could pin her against the wall.

The dark-haired girl cooed when her lover's hands slid boldly under her shirt and she guided them up until they were palming her sizeable breasts over the bindings. Jane whimpered into Valeria's mouth, stoking the fire that was spreading through the hero's body. How she had longed to hear those sounds.

What did it matter if anyone could walk in? Valeria was going to vanish soon enough and all she wanted before then was to leave with Jane's taste on her tongue.

The blonde noble pulled back with a nip to the taller girl's bottom lip and whispered to her. "Take me. Please take me." Kissing her jawline, she began to hoist up her dress. "I've wanted it for so long, Valeria. I've dreamt of it. Please."

How was she supposed to deny her that?

With a hungry growl, Valeria began to kiss and nip her way down Jane's neck.

The dress was too heavy and complicated too really get Jane out of it right then and there, so placed light kisses on her belly through the soft material as she moved lower and lower until Valeria was on her knees in front of the pretty girl.

She'd never hated the other girl's perfume as much as she did in that moment. She didn't want to smell jasmine and orange. She wanted to smell the evidence of Jane's lust. She wanted to reach underneath that dress and find her soaked.

She wanted to smell and touch and taste so it was forever burned into her mind when she stepped through that gate.

Of course, that's when the door opened.

They both froze and Valeria let out a groan and let her forehead drop to Jane's stomach. "Once, just once." She whined. "I swear the gods hate me."

Jane smiled weakly down at her almost-lover and buried her fingers in her dark hair. The way they combed through it as she turned to address whoever had just walked in did little to soothe the lust still simmering just under Valeria's skin and urging her to ignore everything else and just dive under Jane's dress.

"Sister." Jane sighed, resigned. "Can't you give us a bit longer?"

"I bet you'd like that." A lower, huskier voice answered. "But father's almost here. I assume you'll need time to...prepare for what's going to happen."

Valeria grumbled softly under her breath when Jane guided her to her feet and turned to face the girl's sister. Maria, the eldest of the Blackwater family, shared some of Jane's lovely features like her perfect curves and a pretty face. It was a shame it was seemingly always stuck in a sneer whenever she looked at Valeria.

The dark-haired prostitute had figured Maria was just stuck up at first, but then she really looked at her and she recognized the glow in those brown eyes.

Jealousy wasn't hard to spot, after all.

She'd been a little mad at first, but the more she thought about it, the worse she felt for the older girl. Valeria could never openly love a woman, that much was a given.

Maria couldn't either and not only would she be expected to marry for her family, the girl she clearly loved was her own sister. Valeria couldn't deny that, when she'd been particularly drunk and lonely, the thought of the two sisters intertwined had been one of her favourite fantasies.

Valeria was pulled from her musings when Jane squeezed her hand.